To The Lukewarm Christian,

Sister, this one is harsh and it’s blunt, and maybe not for everyone. I need you to read it to the end. This is a piece of writing, a letter, a gentle and truthful talk to call the lukewarm Christian to repentance and to the love of God.

You don’t want Jesus.

You don’t want Jesus, otherwise your life would show it.

You don’t really want Him.

You want a hot boyfriend. You want perfect grades. You want a top-notch promotion. You want a higher raise. You want a trendy house. You want a fast car. You want the cutest fashion. You want to have night-time, crazy fun.

You want these things more than Him.

You don’t want Jesus.

Otherwise, you would come after Him as much as you do your deepest desires.

You don’t want Jesus.

Because your bank statements say otherwise.

Because how you spend your time says otherwise.

Because your life says otherwise.

He demands you give it all up.

There will be no idols before the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

He bids you,

“Come and die. Come and die to yourself. Take up your cross. Follow me.”

You don’t want to give up your desire for marriage.

You don’t want to give up your hard-earned money.

You don’t want to give up your precious time.

You don’t want to give up your pretty little image.

Don’t get defensive. You have no one to please here.

Be real with yourself- you don’t want Him.

You want your life. You love it too much to give it up.

Don’t crucify Jesus all over again.

Don’t pretend like He’s a part of your life.

Don’t fake it.

You are lukewarm, uttering His name while you chase after your sinful and selfish desires.

Living lukewarm while saying you’re a Christian is disgusting in the sight of the Lord.

You don’t want Jesus.

He would demand you to surrender it all.

But He would give you Himself.

He would give you Himself.


You have been so blind. And it’s not your fault.

You have been blinded to see that your endless striving and tossing and turning, your empty pursuit of pleasure and relationships will not satisfy you.

You, although you may think what you want of yourself, are a sinner.

I am, too.

Your sin has captivated you and chained you down to thoughts and emotions and a lifestyle that is destroying your soul. And deep down, you know it.

At the end of your life, you will die and God will punish you for your pursuit of sin- in place that I’m sure you’ve heard and maybe even said as a cuss word.

But if you would come to Jesus,

He would demand you give it all up,

And He would give you Himself.

He died for you.

He endured God’s wrath for you.

And He would forgive you.

Yes, you.

He is so much richer, so much more precious than everything you have now.

He would drench you in love and love and more love,

He would satisfy your heart’s deepest desire,

He would anoint you with abundant joy,

And fill you with perfect peace.

Because He’s your Savior. Because He’s your Lord.

Because there’s something divinely, unfathomably beautiful when we give our lives to Jesus.

He gives us real life.

The life we were always meant to live,

Your cares and worries and hopes and dreams are wrapped up in His hands,

And you can trust Him, because He loves you.

Yes, this is best news in the world, the best news you will ever hear in your entire life.

You would come to Him, broken and despaired and weary,

And He would heal you.

He would beckon you to come, and lay down your life before Him,

And He will break your life in the most beautiful way possible, and gently and slowly mend you back together, good and whole and beloved.

He would give you eyes to see that sin has absolutely ravaged this world, and that it’s not supposed to be this. He would give you the hope that one day He is coming back, yes, coming back for us, and that He is going to destroy all evil and sin, once and for all. He is coming back and will wipe away every single tear from your eyes, with his nail-scarred hands, and will reign as our perfect and beloved King, in a world that would be called Heaven and feel like Home.

Dancing, feasting, climbing the highest mountains and swimming to the depths of the seas, filled with the most deeply rooted joy and knit tightly with our brothers and sisters in the most perfect love.

And we will be in this land, the land of love, for millions and millions and millions of years- forever.

And right now, while we are still like pilgrims on our way Home, while you still go to work every morning and hit the gym three times a week, while you still have to pay the water bill and take the dog on a walk- He, yes, God Himself, will be with you in every little moment and use you to bring Heaven to this world. Yes, your world. You will have purpose, meaning, a sense of knowness, lovedness, worthiness.

The most beautiful moment you’ll ever experience is giving your whole life to Jesus, dying to your sinful self, and taking up your cross- to live for Him, to bring Heaven to your little corner of the world, to love others deeply and sincerely, to trust the God who created atoms and flowers with even your tiniest cares.

Give up your hollow, material-obsessed, sin-stained life for a life of real beauty and riches- a life following Christ Jesus.

Oh, you will give it all to Him.

And He will give you Himself.

Your life won’t be perfect and there will still be tears and brokenness, but sister, it won’t last forever.

He’s the sweetest Savior,

But He demands it all.

And you’ll find, that when you lay it all down, He gives it back.

But now, with Jesus as the heartbeat and breath of your life, you can enjoy those things for the blessings they are, and the gifts will lead you back to the Giver: the good man who loves you like Christ does, the house you’ve made a home, the abundance of money to be a blessing to others, the passions that are in your heart. They were always meant to lead you to the love and nearness of God.


Do you want Jesus?

Let your life show it.

Pursue Him,

Give it all to Him,

Because He’s always called you Beloved,

And you’ve always belonged with Him.

Your life is most beautiful, when it’s His.

With much, much love. And a heart aching for Him. –Melissa

4 replies to “To The Lukewarm Christian,

  1. Thank you for calling it what it is.
    Diseases, accidents and violence are NOT what are responsible for most deaths-especially women. It’s fear and apathy.
    You are an incredible blessing.


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