We Won’t Settle

We won’t settle for a religion.

We won’t settle for an idea or an idol.

We won’t settle for some feel-good sayings, for a high emotional experience, or even just a craze.

We won’t settle for rules and rituals and routines and habits.

We want Jesus.

Because He’s not some vague, historic concept,

He’s God whose hands of glory and flesh will be forever scarred.

We want Jesus.

Whose Spirit is dwelling in me right now,

Who speaks with words that pierce and heal,

Who cries out over every inch of creation, “Mine!”

Who every atom and cell must respond in worship to,

Who is redeeming all things, all things, to Himself,

Who is coming back in power and glory.

We want the Spirit who like burning fire and a gentle dove rests upon my heart,

The Spirit who drenches us in grace and a tangible peace, anoints us with joy,

The Spirit who declares us as ones with power and authority,

The Spirit who gives comfort and encouragement, words of knowledge and prophecy for us as a glimpse of divine love.

We want God who has existed for all of forever, and for all of forever and ever.

The God who walked with our brother Adam the early morning dew of the Garden of Eden,

The God who made bush burn like fire, who turned a sea into pillars towards the skies, who keeps men alive through fire and lions,

The God who clothed Himself in flesh and saw His own creation through brown eyes,

The God who did miracles and healed and loved and ate bread and fish and is making all things new,

The God who is Spirit and who has made His divine home inside of my bones and veins,

The God who knows me, every single little tiny detail and quirk and passion, every hair on my head and every thread in my heart,

The God who calls Himself Abba, Father and in love brought His wayward, rebellious sons and daughters near.

The God who is actually alive right now,

Who listens,

Who speaks,

Who does miracles now,

Who heals,

Whose eyes are filled with compassion,

Whose hands will be forever scarred.

We wants Jesus.


His Spirit.


We won’t settle for anything less.

We won’t settle for religion, for feelings and ideas and mantras and routines and passivity,

When there’s a resurrected King of Love who beckons us near.

And we will fight for that intimacy,

We will rest in that intimacy,

We will come alive as we are dwelling past the veil,

There’s nothing separating us,

From the face of the Father.

We want Jesus. The Jewish rabbi from Nazareth, with brown eyes and a good sense of humor, who was God and is alive with us, now and now and now.

With much, much love. And a fire to fight for space where we encounter Jesus Himself. -Melissa


7 replies to “We Won’t Settle

  1. Melissa, it is an awesome thing to see the love of Christ in you and through your writings, This writing is like my saying… I love Jesus more than I love life! Please be in prayer for me as I am stepping out of my comfort zone, walking into the jail ministry. Asking for the Lord to use this vessel for His glory.
    May I be used to bring at least one more into His Kingdom.
    I shall continue to pray that He continues to use you for His service!
    prayers for prayers,

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    1. Robyn – I pray that God touches and anoints you right now to reach His people. May He give you the right words to minister and may He strengthen you as you step out on faith and out of your comfort zone. He has equipped you for such a time as this.

      Melissa – Your words are so eloquent and so beautifully written. Absolutely love reading your blogs. Thank you for reminding me just how good our Father is. Praying that He continues to use you in such a mighty way.

      ~ Tiara

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      1. Tiara,
        Yes, Amen!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you like reading them. It’s crazy to me to think that people actually like them hahahah! I just love to sit and write and write until my fingers are sore hahah! So appreciative of your prayers. Much love my friend, may God bless you and all of your passions and desires and endeavors and relationships and everything else SO RICHLY!! Always here for ya!!


    2. Robyn,
      Awh, thank you!! You are so kind. Yes, Jesus is so much better than life. I only pray that He would give me the eyes and heart to love Him more and more each day. I am praying for you right now- that His Spirit would surround you with peace, would strengthen every single cell inside of you. That you would be filled with a supernatural love for those inmates, seeing them as people who are desperately in need of Jesus, the rabbi who will meet them right there, in that jail cell. May His Spirit come upon their hearts, leading many to salvation, and may they come to know the depth of His riches and grace and peace and love. You got this!!!!!! Woo!


      1. Thank you, as a prayer warrior, I hardly ever ask for prayer… yes I do know HOW powerful and it is our real weapon against everything! I read your prayer and I set myself in agreement with you. Amen means it is settled and that’s that! Thank you,

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