You Don’t Have To Fight For A Place At The Table


I have to tell you of the eye-opening, chain-breaking work that my sweet Lord has done in my heart in the past few weeks.

Isn’t it so wonderful to behold a work of the Lord Jesus’ own fingerprints, upon your soul, a work that you didn’t even have eyes to see needed to be done, and to be reaffirmed by His sweet love that He indeed has His eyes on you, His Spirit in you, restoring and sanctifying and molding you into His own.

Oh, He is doing things in you that you cannot see right now; yet in His time, He will give you eyes to see, and a heart filled with praise and praise overflowing.

I promise you that.

I don’t know what your community looks like.

I don’t know where you are belonging right now, what you are longing for right now.

But I do know this:

Your God has designed you to be tightly knit in community. You are meant to be close with your chosen and redeemed and beautifully restored brothers and sisters. Your soul craves intimacy and a sense of knownness and rejoicing and belonging that are only met and satisfied in a community filled with the love of Christ.


I need community.

I need my church family, my faith friends, my brothers and sisters.

I need girls who have seen and heard all that my soul has to tell, and brothers who love me with the pure affections of Christ.

And if you love the sweet Lord Jesus, you do, too.

For the past few years, yes, yearssssssss, there were lies filling my head.

Maybe it was just me. But, maybe there’s the slightest chance that you can relate, and this is why I’m telling you my heart now. (Because it’s hard to be vulnerable, and it’s hard to pour out your heart.)

There were lies that,

That this community is not for me.

That I’m not good enough.

That I’m not trendy enough.

That I’m not “adulting” enough.

That I’m not funny enough.

That I’m not old enough.

That I’m not spiritual enough.

That I’m not mature enough.

That this community isn’t for me. That I’m not worthy of their love. That I’m not cool enough to spend time with them. Yes, the conversations are just a polite mercy, but true belonging…. no, that would be too far and too much.

And then this week, the Lord revealed to me that these thoughts swirling around in my head are just that: lies.

They are the voice of the enemy, who came to steal and kill and destroy.

Honestly, I had heard them so much and so deeply that they just sounded like truth by now.

Sister, when a lie is exposed, it loses ALL power over you.

When the darkness is exposed and touched with light, it’s not dark anymore.

The light has come in, has rushed in like the most brilliant explosion of golden tones, and has defeated the darkness in every sense.

Sister, hear me:

If you feel like you don’t belong,

If you feel like you’re not cool or spiritual or trendy enough,

If you feel like you aren’t like them,

It’s a lie.

It’s a lie from the enemy himself, because He knows that you were created to be in community, and He would do anything to keep you from thriving in the costly and adored grace of God.

But hallelujah that lie is exposed, and it’s lost all power over you; it’s like a chain that just snapped and now falling powerless to the ground.

You don’t have to fight for a place at the table.

You don’t have to fight for a place at the table.

There is a place for you in that community.

I promise, on the blood of Christ.

He has prepared it for you. He has worked a reconciliation of relationships with the precious price of His very blood- every wall, broken down. Every veil, torn. Every sin, paid for. Every gap, filled.

Now, we’re going back to the Garden. We are going forward to the Kingdom.

He has nailed all hostility and every lie and this sin and that one to the cross with Him, and He conquered it.

Sister, live in that freedom.

You were freed with His precious blood, and with His powerful resurrection.

Oh, can you feel the divine power rushing in His blood and bones, in His Spirit as life filled His eyes again, as blood pumped through His heart once again. Oh, feel the beat of His heart!

Sister! Live in that freedom!

There is NO rejection in the family of God.

You are free to come just as you are- to be embraced by arms of brothers and sisters who were just as broken and contrite in heart as you were, and just a little less-broken now.

I promise you, God wants to love you through community.

But you can’t be closed off. You can’t have a guarded and distant heart.

If you are closed off, then the rejection and distance and loneliness and separateness from community is on you.

Oh, open your heart, and let yourself receive the love of your brothers and sisters.

Be who God created you to be, because it’s oh so beautiful!

I went to my community gathering this week. It was on Saturday night. And I shared this with them- and let me tell you, that there is NOTHING more precious and special and savored than feeling loved by my brothers and sisters, just as I am, just as God does.

You don’t need to be anyone else. You don’t need to strive.

There is love for you, and it will meet you where you’re at.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Inside your heart, or outside.

Let God love you.

Let your brothers and sisters love you.

It’s going to be so messy and there’s going to be awkward and confusing moments.

But, the beautiful light at the end of it all, is that Christ is at the core of it all, and His costly grace is redeeming His Bride into a lovely, beautiful, gracious, righteous, pure people.

I want you to drop it all, the striving and hiding.

I want you to expose those lies, and let the Truth soak in your heart every time those lies whisper again- even if it means you pull over your car, or put down the book, or take a moment to yourself. You are worthy of love, and worthy of Truth.

I want you to give yourself grace, and time, because deep relationships are not built in a night; they are grown over days and months and years and decades.

I want you to commit to your brothers and sisters, do you feel how deeply desirous of them Christ Himself is!


You are so loved.

Simply because Christ lives in you.

Let your heartbeat slow,

Let your hands rest,

Let God love you.

With much, much love. And a heart marked by grace, that’s ready to be loved. –Melissa

One reply to “You Don’t Have To Fight For A Place At The Table

  1. Thank you, Melissa. Your wisdom and heart for Jesus is awe-inspiring. I am thankful to read all that the Lord has burdened your heart with. You are a TREASURE, my friend! Love you always and pray you and your sweet new hubby are doing well!!


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