The Utter Humanity of Jesus

The utter humanity of Jesus.

There are big miracles like turning fish and bread into a feast for thousands and thousands and water to wine (by the barrel) and even giving blind people their sight- colors and colors suddenly illuminating. And calming a storm to a peaceful night on the sea, and even raising Lazarus from the dead.

But there are so many moments in between the big miracles, when God is utterly, beautifully man.

I can’t help but think of baby Jesus, trying to take His first steps but stumbling and giggling on the floor. I wonder if Mary and Joseph read Him stories, or sang sweet songs over Him at night. Maybe they even read Him the Torah.. little did they know it was all about Him.

Do you think little Jesus had friends in the neighborhood… playing game after game as the sun set.

Jesus surrounded by wood and tools- intently focused on sawing the perfect table as Jospeph, His father, taught Him the art of carpentry.

He had brothers and sisters- I wonder if He had a favorite meal that Mary cooked; I get a warm feeling thinking about their family dinners- dinner with the Bread of Life.

And when He was invited to the wedding at Cana- those must have been His friends- maybe, He watched their whole love story.

His disciples got to spend three whole years living with Jesus- day after day after day.

I bet they told lots of stories- I wonder if Jesus told them about what it was like before the foundation of the world. I’m sure they all poked fun at Peter- making him get all riled up and then laugh forever. And I can imagine John wanting to stay up late, just gazing at the stars with Jesus, and maybe He even fell asleep on His shoulder. He loved Him a lot.

Can you imagine the heat of the sun, beating down on their little rag-tag tribe as they walk from town to town, and I bet they jokingly asked Jesus to turn down the heat. He could do that, you know.

I wonder if Jesus ever slept in- or maybe, He would nudge His disciples as the dawn rose every morning, and they would groan a little but slyly smile as they gazed into the eyes of the Morning Star.

He would teach all day in the synagogue- I wonder what His voice sounded like.. I would give anything to sit in front of Him.

I’ll bet you His disciples gave Him nicknames and sometimes just sat, in awe and maybe some confusion, at His stories. And I’ll bet they had inside jokes and knew each other’s secrets.

I’ll bet they got a little feisty at first when Jesus rebuked them- but then He just came over and bear hugged ’em, and their hearts just overflowed with love.

God could have come in a brilliant display of glory, captivating and demanding our wide-eyes and awe and devotion.

But instead, He came as a babe. He came in utter and beautiful humanity, and lived WITH us. Sleeping in our homes, gazing at the stars that He knew by name, eating hot bread and feeling the breeze over the sea. This, makes my heart melt.

Just a little something on my mind, on my heart.

With much, much love. And a desire to be near to Christ Jesus of Nazareth. -Melissa

8 replies to “The Utter Humanity of Jesus

    1. Danielle,
      Awh, thank you so much my friend!! Yes, it gives me chills to think about His life before the time came to reveal that He was the Son of God. God is indeed in the small moments! Much love, my friend!


  1. Melissa, once again I am touched. Also this reminds me how much he understands and loves me in all of my humanity, not just on Sunday or when I read my Bible, but when I am doing the dishes, being short tempered with someone I love or just tired.

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    1. AMEN! He loves us in every moment- in the big ones and the small ones, in church on Sundays and at work and the coffee shop and at the grocery store- everything in between. He is near to you, my friend! His Spirit is inside of you. Much love!


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