A Raspy Voice Longing for the Savior

Adam and Eve, fingers wet from the juice of the fruit, the taste of the zest still lingering on their tongue. A heart suffocating from guilt, a soul feeling deep cracks of shame shooting through. Bodies naked, exposed, flesh raw and vulnerable…

Oh, how they must have yearned for the savior.

Noah, gazing upon jaguars and monkeys and sparrows and horses, hands warm from holding his family as the boat swayed from side to side. A heart trembling with fear and fire as he walked out to the land, freshly dried from the weight of water. Noah, then angry with shame after drink and nakedness exposed, in passion blessing and condemning his sons.

Oh, how he must have yearned for the savior.

Abram, hands strained and bloody after acquiring a heifer, a goat, a ram, a turtledove, and a pigeon, and slicing them down the middle. Abram, ears inclined to the call of the Mighty Voice, a mind giddy with imagination of a new land, a great nation, a mighty blessing.  Abraham, knuckles white as he gripped the spear, muscles shaking, eyes dry, and heart pulsing as he held it over his son.

Oh, how he must have yearned for the savior.

Moses, heat hitting his face from the burning bush, heart wrestling its command. Mouth hanging open from the sight of water to blood, frogs and flies and dead cows, darkness. Eyes staring forth at a divine pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, feet blistered from an exodus in the dirt. Skin sprinkled with drips of water misting down from the walls built by the sea. Palms dry and cracked while gripping the tablet of the ten commandments, raspy voice belting out the words of the Lord as his people carved golden gods.

Oh, how he must have yearned for the savior.

David, blood rushing in his veins from the victory in slaying the giant. Calves burning from running and hiding from a blood-thirsty enemy. A crown, golden and poised on his rustled hair, eyes gazing over his nation. Fingers raw and voice coarse from relentless praises sung and melodies strung. Beauty in a woman, too enticing a temptation, claimed his intimacy. Fear overtook his mind, and at his voice a man killed cold-blooded.

Oh, how he must have yearned for the savior.


Ages and generations longing.

Decade by decade. Year by year. Day by day…

Longing for a savior.

How their voices must have died coarse and raspy in the wailing, “Come, Immanuel!”

How their fingers must have worn to raw, tender flesh in the gripping of hands to pray, “Come, Messiah!”

How their hearts must have felt the dooming weight of their sin, wrestling and pleading, “Come, Savior!”

Enduring by a thread of hope.

Little did they know that there was a night, a night divine, to come soon.

A night where in an old barn, amidst hay and rusty wood and cows, there would be a young man and woman, knit together by faithfulness, who would deliver a babe.

Nameless and faceless to the world, yet the angels and heavens roared in joy on that night.

Oh, Immanuel. Oh, Messiah. Oh, Savior. Yes, He was born on that night.

And they called His name, Jesus.

Oh, Adam! Oh, Noah and Moses and Abraham! Oh, David!

Oh, weary world!

Oh, hopeless sinner, stumbling saint, dear sister!

The savior is here.

Our raspy cries are silenced. Our gritty agony calms to peace. Our desperate yearning and longings are satisfied.

Blood from the lash, cracked bones in our back, raw and weary knees, eyes that won’t look to heaven… oh, it’s over. No more striving, no more slavery, no more sacrifices of the blood of lambs and bulls.

A babe is he, wrapped tight in the cold, crisp night, laying in a manger under the twinkling stars, riches gifted all around, Mary and Joseph gazing in his eyes.

God is with us.

His promise wrapped in flesh and blood.

Jesus, born in Bethlehem, the offspring of David, the bright morning star.

And dear sister, He came for you.

With much, much love. And, Merry Christmas. -Melissa

6 replies to “A Raspy Voice Longing for the Savior

  1. Thank you Melissa. I really enjoyed this blog and yes, I am so thankful that God has sent his precious Son to save us so that we can have everlasting life with Him!! The greatest gift ever!!

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