Oh, sister.


Come to the God who knows the searing pain and bears the deepest of scars.

Come to the God who looked the scared woman in the eyes, and told the accusers to put down their stones.

Come to the God who healed the outcasted woman by a gentle touch, as He called her, “Daughter.”

Come to the God who loved the woman at that well, revealing to her a truer love, a deeper joy, as she ran to tell others of Him.

Come to the God who just sat, being present, with sinners like me and you for hours and hours.. and hours.

Come to the God who despised the shame, who wept with mighty tears of sorrow.

Come to the God who was pierced by nails, hung on a tree, bleeding and beaten and mocked, for you.

Don’t turn away.

Don’t run back.


Your fears are embraced here.

Your scars are welcomed here.

Your pain is met here.

Your tears, your failures, your shame and guilt and envy and anger.

I know that your heart is empty and that your walls are up, that your strength is weary and your eyes are welling with tears.

You, my precious sister, are welcome at the throne of grace, the throne of mercy and power.

Just, don’t turn away.

Don’t run back.

Don’t stay far.

Come, my sister.

For I have come to tell you of a God who you can call, Friend.

For I have come to tell you of a God who let rusty nails pierce his flesh, for you, before you even knew Him.

For I have come to tell you of a God whose Home is Heaven, and He has made a place for you, there.

I have come to tell you that the darkness is passing away, that the true Light is already shining.

I have come to tell you that God is beckoning you to let your heart be embraced and conquered by love.

I have come to tell you that you are Beloved, that you have a Maker who is a Father, that He designed you to reflect His goodness and glory.

I have come to tell you that your heart beats and your lungs breathe oxygen because He is inviting you in to the greatest, grandest, most thrilling adventure of hope and redemption.

I have come, just for you.


Are you ashamed, because you’ve had sex too many a time.

Are you fearful, because he lifted his arm against you.

Are you angry, and maybe even don’t know why.

Are you hiding, because you’ve looked at porn and are all too addicted.

Are you fighting back tears, because your heart is broken, shattered, numb.

Are you screaming, because it’s one thing after another, frustration never ending.

Are you despaired, because your soul is still empty, unsatisfied, hardened.

Are you sad,

Are you lost,

Are you far,

Are you done.

Come, my dear sister.

Come to the King on the throne of grace.

The world may tell you to prim and proper up before you approach.

The world may taunt and shame and despise you.

The world may condemn you, sweet sister,

But Jesus never will.

Come, my dear sister.

To your Savior who came just for you.

To your Savior that wept and was betrayed and was spit on and pierced with nails.

To your Savior that came back to Life three days later, oh what Hope is found!

Come, and be met with Love.

Come, and be embraced by a Father with wide open arms.

Come, and be drenched in grace, clothed in glory.

Come, and be satisfied in His love.

Come, and be loved.

Come, this is where you’ve always belonged.

Oh, do you see, that you were loved before you ever knew.

Do you see that you were longed for, pursued and cherished before you could fathom.

Do you see, sister, that you are worthy of celebration.

Come, and bring it all. Bring your shame and shadows, your guts and guilt, your tragedy and tears. Lay it all at the throne of grace; your King will come near and restore your beautiful self to glory. You will now be clothed in dignity, you will be surrounded by grace, your will be followed by mercy and goodness. You will be called, “daughter,” you will be filled with joy, and you will reveal that sweet little laugh once again. Your eyes will be fiery and your heartbeat will dance.

Yes, there will still be tears, even grief and mourning and death.

But come, my sister,

Your King beckons that He will for now be with you. And one day, He will wipe away those tears for everlasting joy.

I want you to take a deep, long breathe, and I want you to fix eyes with your sweet Jesus, who won the fight and soon will invite you to dance.

I want you to hear the shameful, condemning taunts that the world yells to you, and I want you to tune only into the pained, beautiful whisper of your Savior on the cross, “It is finished.”

I want you, in a moment, and time after time again, be filled with the deepest and most raw sense of passion and throw off everything that the devil has tortured you with, and fall on your knees at the throne of mercy and power. I want you to cry all of your welled-up tears, and I want you to cling, with all of your tiny might, to your King named Jesus, whose love never ends.

You must simply come.

He is here; He waits, for you.

Sister, come.

You were always meant to here.

That deep longing you have for a place you can’t seem to find, to even describe.. it’s in the presence of your Maker.

That gut feeling you have that you are unworthy and wretched… hear me, your sins are forgiven and you are made new in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

You mustn’t do anything, but come.

Come, my sister,

You are welcomed at His throne.

With much, much love. And a soul that’s falling at His feet. – Melissa


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6 replies to “Come.

  1. Thank you, dear sister, for the lovely words of encouragement, that God chooses to speak through you. Praise His mighty, ever lasting love and eternal Justice!
    From His heart to yours,
    Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

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