A Thought: Hope Like Spring-Time

This year, my heart has a special adoration of the springtime. Sister, I think I know why I love it so very much.

In the midst of some moments, my heart feels dried, withered and frozen, like branches in the midst of a harsh winter. Roots pale and cracked, unlikely to ever rise back to life. My hopes are buried beneath the dust of the earth, lifeless and breathless, dead.

But sister, my God is the God of spring-time.

God grants flowers to bloom forth from the grip of winter’s death. Those blessed flowers, rising into a thing more beautiful and precious than ever before. Magenta and turquoise, mustard and scarlet, sprouting forth and singing in the breezes across an open field. Once dead in the dust, now alive, vivid and rich.

Oh, this hope we have, dear friend, is like the wildflowers.

We will be but dust in the ground for a mere season, yes, a season of cold and withering, a season that feels like the longest night. Yet it’s just a season.

Soon, and soon enough, the warmth of the sun’s rays will beam, awakening the seeds, the souls of those precious wildflowers. And we will rise. It’s a new day; it’s a new season, a new time. In this moment, we will feel the hope we clung to all along, blooming into the most beautiful of flowers.

Do you smell that sweet fragrance, it’s misting forth!

Do you give eye to the colors dancing in the fields!

Do you feel the zest of life surging in your roots, in your veins, oh sister!

What was buried in the dirt will rise, in beauty and glory and wonder.

Sister, we will bloom as the Son rises. We will blossom into vivid colors and sway in the breeze of His breathe. I just love that God gave us spring, a precious reminder that the winter is but a season, and all that’s dead and buried will one day rise in glory, as wildflowers bursting and singing forth in the light of spring.

Cling to hope, my sister. God is the God of the spring-time. And He clothes us more beautifully than His wild-flowers.

Just a little snippet of words. With much, much love. And a heart beating in expectation. –Melissa


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5 replies to “A Thought: Hope Like Spring-Time

  1. God richly blesses us in many, many ways. You are one more way for a world to see God’s never ending love. God has gifted you with a talent to bring Him to life with words that flow freely just as He only He can do. I so do enjoy your writings like springtime itself, a breath of fresh air stirring all of earth to life… to be renewed with each breath we take. He renews us each day if only more would be awaken from the winters sleep! Never stop sharing your love for Christ. Prayers for prayers with love, hugs and smiles,

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