A Thought: The Rugged Mountain


This mountain in front of you is daunting; it’s high and wide and thick. There’s thistles and thorns, crevices and cracks leading up the unblazed trail. The darkest of nights has endured, a deep haze covering our eyes.

The only way is to climb that mountain; you must get to the lush garden, the beautiful city, back to your Love on the other side.

There’s no way; it’s utterly impossible. It’s rigid and rough; steep and soiled. Feet of flesh alone could never bear a burden like that.

A man, walking down, He’s filled with grace and truth. His eyes, shining a light like a Son, His arms, opened in captivating love.

Beloved, this man is calling your name. His voice booms out and slowly fades to an echo; it echoes to everlasting. You hear your name. It’s sounded and sung, a most beautiful sound.

Gently, you gaze upwards to His face. His eyes of a Son locked on you; He grabs your trembling hand. He lifts you up, and carries you to the foot of the mountain.

His eyes are fixed; His heart and His feet are drawn up the mountain, one step at a time, holding you tightly. You hear rocks crunching and dust shifting below Him. Wind breezes on your nose, light is starting to shine on your cheeks with every bit higher you go.

It’s a tall mountain, a long trek. This man carries you, and when you are strong enough, He lets you walk; He holds your right hand the entire way.

When you lose your breathe, when your foot is pierced with a sharp rock, when your knees buckle, He carries you. He laughs with you, cries with you, sings for you. He tells the most daring of stories, He loves you with the fiercest of loves. Time passes slowly, moments beat slow and steady like heartbeats, but upon looking back, it feels like a flash.

Light that shone dimly at the foot of mountain is blazing brighter the closer we get to the top. Soon almost my whole face is warm and golden with light.

We have almost reached the top. He tells me to take one last breathe; I breathe deep of this stale air as I gaze upon Him.

He looks different in this moment, in this perplexing and ecstatic moment.

No longer is he dusted with dirt, scars and blood stained, muscles weary. His eyes now are like fire, His hair white as wool, His head crowned with gold, His robe like scarlet. He’s grand, like a king of kings.

A sweeter breathe has filled my lungs, my body feels alive as it has never been but always desired to be! A zest of life courses through my veins, my flesh is now golden and glimmering, my eyes beholding new and vivid, beaming colors! There’s a song on my lips, pouring out from my soul, Hallelujah!

I look to my Savior, oh sweet Savior, You came down for me! You carried me here! You held my hand and walked with me up the most daunting and dire of mountains, and brought me to the other side, the side of the lush garden and beautiful city.

This, my Home. This Kingdom, more splendid and glorious than my heart ever imagined. If only my pale and stale heart back in the thick darkness at the foot of the mountain could have seen but a glimpse of this Love!

I would have burned with a passion more intense than a wildfire! I would have sung and danced more eloquently than a sparrow! I would have loved and hoped and dreamed with might, without end!

Beloved, He came down for you.

Beloved, He carries you.

Beloved, He makes a way for you.

Beloved, He will laugh and cry and sing with you. He will tell you the bravest of stories and love you with the fiercest of loves.

Beloved, He will hold your hand at the top of the mountain, set your gaze upon the lush garden, the beautiful city, the glorious Kingdom, and welcome you Home.

This side of the mountain was always your Home. Take heart, your Savior has come for you.

May your feet dance and soul sing. He’s carrying you to the brighter side of this mountain, a place you can only brave by the rugged, bloodied feet of your Savior.

Beloved, He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.

His name is Jesus.

Just a little snippet of words. With much, much love. And echoes of His voice in my heart. –Melissa


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4 replies to “A Thought: The Rugged Mountain

  1. To my sweet sister….The mountain is so weary and tiring. Recently I have found my health is failing. I am 45yrs old and have pulmonary hypertension, heart failure and diabetes. Wow….Talk about having the breath knocked out of you literally!! I know what awaits me on the other side and I am so not afraid!! I have fear but only of leaving my sweet sweet husband, my 15yr old son, 13yr old daughter and those that love me and care for me. I have to change everything in my life and decided I am “dying to live” ! I want to see my babies graduate, marry and whatever else Gods will provides. Please, please help me pray!! I am so appreciative of those that will take a moment to lift me up in prayer!! Your blogs always are so appropriate and parallel to my life!! Love you all and thankyou so much!!! Sisters in Christ!! Jeni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jeni,
      Wow, thank you for sharing! I appreciate your honesty! Yes, praying for healing and strength and joy and a deepness to life. God is so sweetly and sovereignly in control! He loves you and your precious family! Much love, sister!


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