A Thought: Faith Like A Fire

I don’t want an explosive faith.

I don’t want a faith that bursts in an intense, ear-piercing boom with sparks flying all around.

I don’t want a faith that explodes but then gets put out, stomped into nothing but ashes.

I want a faith like a steady, burning fire.

I want faith that has flames blazing the whole night long. Oh yes, it may retrieve to the ground at times, and it may ignite to a grand fury, crackling and popping. But even still those flames will burn steady; they crackle and pop and even shoot off embers like confetti.

We don’t need any more explosions, like fireworks, that make the world’s eyes lock on its grandeur and power, and then fades into the dark, leaving those eyes wondering and looking elsewhere.

We need, my friend, more steady burning fires through the night.

Fires that bring that a sense of warmth and comfort, wonder and awe. Fires that burn for something greater. Fires that are fueled by the breath of air and of God. Fires that bring together community and friends and lovers. Fires that are so piercing, that blaze so passionately, that we can’t help but gaze and draw near. Fires that endure, ever so intensely, until the stars start to leave.

Oh, this is my prayer tonight.

That my faith isn’t explosive, no matter how captivating and brilliant those explosions may seem for the few spared moments. No, God, may my faith be a steady, burning fire.

May my faith blaze through this night,

Until the Morning Star rises.

Until we wake to see Your face.

Just a little snippet of words. With much, much love. And eyes in love with bright, steady flames. –Melissa


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*Images not mine.

10 replies to “A Thought: Faith Like A Fire

    1. Awh, you are so welcome; I love writing on the blog. Yes, praying all things good to surround your daughter! And these photos aren’t mine- I am not that talented of a photographer. 😉 They are all from Pinterest haha!


  1. Melissa I must confess that your writing fuels my imagination back to the days of when I ” scribbled” my pondering thoughts.
    As you write, I recall the fires that spell bound you if you stared causing your mind to wonder… That same fire is what is spell bound Christians to pan the flames to glow brighter. A type of fire that cannot be ignored, others stare in wonderment… It’s Christ’s love burning ever so bright, drawing us nearer to Him. After all He is the everlasting light with a never-ending love that consumes us like an unquenchable fire! Praise God for your unquenchable thirst for the Lord! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, prayer for prayers with love and hugs.

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    1. Robyn,
      Wow you have such a beautiful heart that overflows to your words. Thanks for sharing, my friend! Yes, there’s a fire that captivates us- He is alive and constantly beckoning us to Himself! Those eyes of grace and fire just do somethin’ to our human souls!! Yes, praying for God to draw you close and keep you close, giving you strength and peace in every moment. Much love!


  2. I absolutely love this! May my faith too be like a steady fire, exuberant and a constant source of warmth and reflection of the source that started the fire. It makes me so excited to think of all the brothers and sisters that I will someday meet in heaven and be able to worship with, like you! Thank you for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mimi,
      Awh, wow! Yes, I love that- all from Him who started it all! Hahah that’s a wonderful thought- Heaven’s going to be a gooood time Jesus and all of our brothers and sisters! Can’t wait hahah! Much love, sister!

      Liked by 1 person

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