A Thought: I Just Can’t Wait!

Oh, sister!

I just can’t wait!!

I can’t until we see even the furthest and faintest mist of those clouds, illuminated and lined in the glory of our sweet Jesus!!

I can’t wait until that moment, that first spark of fire that burns in our soul as we gaze upon Christ Jesus.

Oh, hair white as wool, eyes of fire, face shining brighter than the sun, a sharp sword bursting from his mouth. Yes, wearing a robe dipped in blood and a golden sash, feet like burnished bronze and on his thigh written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Oh, I just can’t wait until we, His bride, in the twinkling of an eye, are dressed in the purest of whites, and can be with Him, even one with Him!

Oh, I just can’t wait until my soul jumps at the sight of my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, until my cheek bones feel the touch of divine and pierced hands wiping away my tears for evermore.

Oh, I just can’t wait until we embrace our Home, until my feet walk on streets of pure gold, until my jaw drops at walls of pearls and precious jewels.

Oh, until we can live in our city with no need for a sun, because our city is illuminated by the glory of God Himself! Yes, there’s a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing straight from His throne and we will drink freely for all the days of eternity.

Oh, the nations are to be redeemed and man to be restored! Our truest form of man will be alive; we will feast and dance and garden!

Oh, sister, God’s home will be among man, and He will be our God and we will be His people!

Oh, sister, I just can’t wait until that glorious day when you and me are dancing in the light of His love in our forever Home, celebrating the zest of His grace. We will be captivated by our sweet Jesus, and we will dance together, and we will sing and shout,

“oh, how true is this! all the times of speaking of him, of singing to him, of reading his word and praying, all the times of imagining and dreaming of him….. oh, he’s here! he was with us then and now he’s right here! sister, oh sister, just look at our sweet jesus!”

Oh, I just can’t wait!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

Indeed! Come, Lord Jesus!

We love you!

Revelation 19-22

Just a little snippet of words. With much, much love. And a heart that sings His song. –Melissa


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4 replies to “A Thought: I Just Can’t Wait!

  1. Wow my sweet sister! What passionate words spoken of my future home that I don’t deserve! I cannot wait either!! Oh, isn’t it gonna be wonderful? My father passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was a realist, alot of fun but no silliness etc. He told it and said it like it was, exactly!! When he was sick, one night he woke my mom up when she heard him crying (that in itself was something because he was such a strong stoic man- he never cried) my mom very concerned ask him if he was OK, was he hurting etc. And he responded…No, that he had just had a dream of heaven and that no one, not even one of us deserved what was waiting on us! I think God gave him a peek into heaven to calm him and comfort him knowing his death was nigh. To feel your passion, and to know how my very real and serious daddy spoke of such a place….I KNOW that it is REAL! Thank you Lord, for all of your blessings and giving us believers such peace and comfort of our coming days and our new home that awaits us!! We can only imagine….And I can’t wait!! Thankyou for sharing!! Much Love in Christ!!

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    1. Jennifer,
      WOW my sister thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate it so much. It is so beautiful that your dad was so captivated by heaven! Yes, his faith is inspiring. How crazy and exciting to think of this as a future reality… to think we have a living hope! May His Kingdom come. You are just on fire for Jesus…. girl, He loves you!! Much love!


  2. Wow That is amazing what you wrote.I can not wait to see my sweet Jesus face to face and have a real home!! Just like Mercy me song I can only imagine!
    Thank you !!

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