What Are You Waiting For?

My dear friend.


I used to be waiting for a guy.

I used to be waiting for that perfect guy, thinking that my life would “really start” once I met him.

I used to think my ministry would “really start” once I had a partner.

I used to think that everything I did was leading up to that moment, that time, that person.


And I don’t think I’m alone in those thoughts.


But, let’s put it like this:

Yes, we do all wait for a guy.

Yes, our life really will start when we meet him.

Yes, our ministry will start then, too.

And heck yes, our lives are leading up to the moment we meet him.

His name is Jesus.


And you not only know Him, but you are intimately loved by Him.

Right now. At the very moment.


From the bottom of my heart, hear this:

You have met Jesus.

Your life’s purpose is full.

Your real life has started.

Your ministry is in full swing.


So stop waiting.

Your life is complete; it is full; it is deep and wonderful.

It’s all you’ve ever hoped for, all you’ve ever dreamed of.

You have met the God of your creation, the God of joy and hope and riches and dancing.


If you died on this very night, when you reach those pearly gates, and look your sweet Jesus in the eyes as He welcomes you Home,

You will not feel as though your life was incomplete. Like it was inadequate. Like it wasn’t full.

That’s ridiculous to even think.

Because, my friend, our sweet, sweet Jesus is the one who gives our life fullness.

And He is richly present in yours.


Your life started the moment you met Jesus.

Your ministry started the moment you met Jesus.

Your life led up to that very moment, and now, the sweet love story is yours.


Do you feel that freedom?

You are not held down by the weight of needing another person.

You are free to wake up, every morning, knowing Love is surrounding you.

You are free to live the life that Jesus has designed intentionally for you.

You are free to go deep into the work of Heaven.

You are free to live this life.



Stop waiting. Your sweet Jesus is already dancing with you every single day.

With much, much love. And a life ready to be lived. –Melissa



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