Don’t Hold Back

My dear friends.

I have so much to tell you all. God has been moving so greatly and grandly and deeply in this past month. I am so very sorry about not writing in the past month- but for some reason, I feel as though God had moved me into a season of silence, of being, of wondering, of being poured into.

And now, time for the pouring out. So, here we go.


Sister, I feel like so often we hold back.

We hold back love.

We hold back grace.

We hold back praise.

We hold back comfort.

We hold back encouragement.

We hold back our hearts.


And I understand why we do. This world is so broken, and giving our hearts away means taking them out of the little warm and cozy crib we have so delicately kept them in, and it means putting them out into this cold, harsh, broken world.

It means there’s a possibility of our hearts being hurt. Being pierced. Being broken and crushed.

It’s because shining a bright light on our hearts means we become exposed. Naked. Vulnerable. Transparent. And in that, there’s a risk that we may be rejected, mocked, misunderstood, shamed.

It’s because pouring out ourselves means that there’s a risk of us becoming empty. Depleted. Lacking. Burnt out.

But my friends, there’s another aspect to this. Maybe, sometimes we hold back because we are prideful. Maybe we hold back because we think that if we give praise, conceit will come. That is we give comfort, self-pity will come.

Maybe we even think that they aren’t worthy of it. (It’s a hard thought; I’m having difficulty writing this, but I think it’s hard to think about because we know it’s a valid problem.) Maybe we unintentionally think that they don’t deserve love. That they’ve had enough grace. That they don’t need encouragement.

I never even realized how much I hold back until I really, really looked at my heart versus my life.

I feel like sometimes, it’s almost two entirely different, two disconnected places.

My heart feels so much, but my life doesn’t show it.

I have so much love for people, so much encouragement I want to give, so much grace to show.. but in looking at my life.. I see a little, yet not anywhere close to the capacity that my heart feels.

I’ve been holding back.


Yet my friend, all of these things- love, grace, praise, comfort, encouragement.. it’s all from God.

And God only makes good things.


Yes, there is no denying that the enemy has twisted these good things. Yes, in the world, our hearts may be hurt. We may be rejected after showing our real hearts. We may become empty after pouring our hearts out. Conceit may come from praise and self-pity from comfort.


But to the heart with sweet Jesus living inside, everything is pure.

Everything is redeemed.

Love is redeemed. Grace is redeemed. Praise, comfort, encouragement is all redeemed. They are now the very instruments used by the God of all good things to bring this world back to the Garden. To bring this world forward into the Kingdom.

My friend, it’s a genius plan of the enemy to make us think that the instruments of the Kingdom are actually weapons against it.


But to the person living with sweet Jesus inside of them, love, grace, praise, comfort, and encouragement all bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

They bring back the love that God designed: pure and innocent. Unreserved. Attractive and sweet. The love that bears good fruit. Always.




Know that even with those good things being redeemed, while we are still living in this world, your heart may be bruised.

But know this, too: Your heart never can and never will be hurt to the point of death.

Our hearts are indestructible, for the King who conquered death lives inside.

But my friend, that same King who conquered death also endured bruises. And cuts. And pain.

He has now made your heart in the same way; Look at Jesus’ life to know about your heart.

He loved fiercely. He showed grace on grace. He praised with everything He had. He comforted deeply. And He encouraged in truth and purity.

He gave all of Himself to his beloved people; He held back nothing. No ounce of love. No opportunity of grace. No bit of praise. No touch of comfort. No word of encouragement.

And yes, He suffered for it. All of the reasons we hold back, He suffered from. He left the warm, cozy Heaven and came to this broken, cold and dark world. He was hurt, pierced, broken, and crushed. He was rejected, mocked, misunderstood, and shamed.

He was nailed to the cross. He was killed. And then He rose. He conquered the evil that twisted God’s good, good creation. He redeemed it all.


Death is defeated. And because death is defeated, there’s no reason to fear the hurt, the pain, the bruises and cuts.

Good things are redeemed. And because they are redeemed, we are free to pour all of our hearts out.

Investing your heart in people will be painful and hurt at times because people are not perfect. Even the Son of God was hurt by his beloved. But, since He conquered death, the hurt will not kill us and the pain will not last forever. Even if the outsides are full of bruises and scars, the inside of our heart is always and forever perfectly at peace and singing for joy.


So pour out love.

Lavish grace.

Sing and declare praise.

Comfort with all of your strength.

Give words of encouragement.

The Savior of this world is living in your heart, wanting to nurture and cultivate an atmosphere of pure, sweet, unreserved love into every pocket of your life.

It’s on earth as it is in Heaven.


Don’t hold back. There’s too much at stake.

A few wounds and bruises in our hearts are a small, small price to pay for the Kingdom of Heaven coming to this very place.

And my sister, your sweet Jesus has promised to heal all your precious and delicate heart. He will wipe away those tears, and give you a day of no more suffering.


With much, much love. And a lot of love to go pour out. –Melissa


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8 replies to “Don’t Hold Back

  1. I always look forward to reading your blog and find it so encouraging. This blog post really opened my eyes and touched my heart. Thank you for this! Keep on pouring out what is in your heart!


    1. My friend- thank you so much!! I am so glad that God used it to touch your heart and open your eyes…. He is always so surely faithful to give us just what we need. Thanks for your sweet encouragement- it means so so much. MUCH LOVE!

      Liked by 1 person

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