A Different Lover. A Different Love.

His love is different from any type of human love.

He is a different King.

He is a different Lover.


He doesn’t lose His temper.

He doesn’t scream.

He doesn’t oppress His Beloved.


He doesn’t have rage.

He isn’t insecure.

He isn’t brutal.

He isn’t unstable.


He won’t push too hard.

He won’t walk away.

He won’t change His mind.


He isn’t mean.

He don’t envy.

He isn’t swallowed in pride.

He isn’t double-sided.


He doesn’t judge.

He won’t condemn.

He doesn’t know regret.

He doesn’t know shame.

He doesn’t betray.

He does no evil.


It’s different.

His love is a different kind of love.

I’m sure you’ve hear this: God doesn’t need us. Yet God wants us.

And I’m sure it’s become just another cute Christian saying.

But think about it. Really think about that.


God’s existence is completely independent from us.

He was God, fully Divine, sovereign, and complete in love, before He created us.

He was full. He was complete… before we even existed.

Because of this, our relationship with God is not reciprocal. We are not both giving and receiving, but rather God gives all, and we receive. We cannot give God anything that He doesn’t have, simply because everything we have is already from Him.

We are nothing without God. Literally nothing. We would not be alive, we would not be here, we would not be us without God. Everything we have + everything we are is all from the hand of the Father.

And so, friends, we are nothing. We aren’t a result of ourselves. We can’t give our Creator anything of any value because He has given us everything we hold. We don’t add anything to our God.

He already has the fullness of power. The deepness of love. The supremacy of Divinity.

We are utterly useless. We are utterly powerless.

But yet, His love is wild for us.

Yet, His love is enduring in its pursuit of us.

Yet, He is divinely in love with us.


It makes no sense.

Because it’s a love that we’ve never known from this world.

It’s a love that a man doesn’t have.

It’s a love that a woman doesn’t have.

It’s a love even greater than a mother’s. It’s a love greater than a father’s.

It’s a love different than a friendship, a love different from a husband or wife.

It’s a love that isn’t anything like a human love.


It’s the Divine’s love.

It’s a love that transcends beyond this flesh. Beyond this very world.

It’s greater.


We define God’s love by human standards so often.

We see human love.

We see human love marked by sin.

We see selfishness. We see vanity. We see control. We see bitterness. We see manipulation. We see betrayal. We see mean words. We see abuse. We see brokenness. We see striving.



But God’s love knows not any of those things.

God’s love, my dear friends, is different.

Friends, it cannot be defined by our humanly vision of love.

My dear friends, His love is something greater. It’s a love than can’t be understood. A love that can’t be fathomed.

It’s a love that can only be experienced.

It’s a love than can only be felt.


Felt like a rushing hurricane, yet a gentle breeze.

Felt like a torrential downpour, yet a soft mist.

Felt like a blazing sun, yet like a soft light.

A flood breaking through, yet a trickling stream.

A loud burst of noise yet a quiet, still voice.

It’s the entirety of the power of the Creator that comes as a gentle whisper to your heart.


It’s a love that can never be fully explained.

So let’s not continue to try.

My dear friends, His love is not a love of a man.

His love is not a love of this world.

His love is different.

It’s more.

It knows you fully.


We can trust Him.

Every part of Him.

We can trust Him deeply, with all of the depth of our being.

Because He is good. His intentions are good.

We can be naked in front of Him. Spiritually. Emotionally.

His love is a safe place.

It’s not a place of human love, where we are insecure, unsure, and risk being left.

His love is different. His love is a safe place. Fully secure. Fully stable.


His love is a love that is in the awe-inspiring beauty of Heaven, yet at this very moment, singing beautifully over you, who is sitting in the dirt of this world.

It’s pure love.

Don’t try to define it by the love we know.

It’s different.


With much, much love. And a heart feeling loved. –Melissa


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2 replies to “A Different Lover. A Different Love.

  1. Amen! This is exactly what it feels like to be loved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he literally is my love my true love he is my lover and I love him in this way … It’s incredible to read something where someone else understands the full love that he has for us and desires for us to know … I have A devotion group. Where I send devotions to A beautiful group of girls every morning and I wondered if I could include your blogs in my devotion group I think it would really bless the group of girls that I am ministering to… keep doing what you’re doing you are writing Spirit filled and God breathed words
    Much love,
    Jessica-rose Transfeld


    1. Jessica,
      Wow! Thank you so much for your sweet message. First off, of course you can include the blogs in your devotion! That would be wonderful. And secondly, AMEN to Jesus being our true love, and lover, and everything we are seeking! He is the fulfillment of our heart. I love your love for Him!
      Much love to you, my friend!


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