I have been putting God in a box

I have been putting God in a box.


Plain and simple.

I have fashioned a nice, comfortable, brown cardboard box, labeled with a sticker saying, “God” that I wrote in cursivey handwriting with a sharpie.

I taped that box shut, and placed it at the center of everything.

That box has held my entire world. That box has held my entire relationship with my Father. That box has ruled my relationship with God, confined it, and dictated it.


And it’s time I take Him out.


Looking back on my walk with the Lord, I have always, unintentionally, focused on the parts of Christianity that I have been comfortable with, and just kind of pushed away the things that I wasn’t comfortable with.

Prayer? Yes. The cross? Absolutely. Singing to God? Yes. Bible studies? Love ‘em. Sermons about the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament (and Old Testament, on occasion)? Yes.

Speaking in tongues? Uhmmm..

Prophecy? Okay maybe..

Casting out/off demons? Maybe later..

Spontaneous healing? Hmm..


Hear me when I say this: It’s not that I didn’t believe in these things, I fully did. It’s just they were out of my comfort zone. They were outside of my cardboard, sharpie-labeled God box.

I got kind of uneasy when talking about these things.

So naturally, I just kind of pushed them to the back of my mind and moved on.


But, I open my Bible and read about Jesus and the disciples casting out demons. I open my Bible and read passages about Paul instructing the Church on the place of speaking in tongues and prophecy. I open my Bible and read about people being healed and God doing some miraculous stuff.


I think God has been whispering to my heart, “You can trust me. Take me out of your box. Do you want me for all I am?”

Yes, God, I want all of You.

Yes, God, I trust You.

So God, I lay my box at Your feet. Collapse it. Crumple it. Smash it. I want You for all that You are.

Reveal more about Yourself to me.


So with that, I completely acknowledge that sudden knowledge won’t just pop into my head. I understand that I am going to need to seek God. To seek His Truth.

I am going to need to read Scripture. I am going to read books. I am going to ask people. I am going to pray.

Are you the same boat as me, friends?

Maybe you have put God in a more “spiritual” box. Maybe, like me, you have put Him in a “comfort” box. Maybe you think you’re as deep as you can go with God. Maybe you think there’s nothing left to learn, no growing room left. Maybe you’ve been letting people’s opinions and people’s mistakes define God. Maybe you’ve just gone through the motions, and never actually pursued your very Savior.


Friends, if you are with me, let’s seek God together.

Let’s desire to know God for all He is.

Nothing more, and nothing less. Just God.


Side note: I think it’s quite evident that different church denominations believe different things when it comes to speaking in tongues, prophecy, demons, miracles, etc. The only thing I have to say on that topic is this:

I want God. I want God for who God is.

I don’t want to get caught up in denominations.

I just want Jesus.

I want Him so bad.

And I am confident that the Holy Spirit, the Teacher, will guide our hearts into full and absolute Truth, as we yield to Him.


So, friends, I don’t really have much else to write about at the moment. Now, I am waiting, I am seeking, I am praying to know more about my God.

Will you join me?

Let’s abandon our comfort zone, our preconceived ideas, our opinions, and our pride.

Let’s fill our hearts with child-like faith.

Let’s sit at Jesus’ feet, intently and undistracted, listening for His voice.

Let’s give our hearts to our Father, and ask Him for wisdom and truth.

Let’s seek God for who He is.


With much, much love. And eager expectation. –Melissa

Friends, keep me posted on your journey, your adventure. Email me. Leave a comment. I’d SO love to hear what our sweet Jesus is teaching you.


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4 replies to “I have been putting God in a box

  1. Yes! I want all of God & can do without denominations too.
    You bless me & how precious that I found your blog thru my 17 year old daughter’s Facebook post she shared a few weeks ago!


  2. I didn’t realize how much I can relate to this post until I read it. I have bottled p my fear and left it behind. I needed to hear this more than anything and am so happy to know that i am not alone. I’m glad that I know it’s okay to be scared as long as you learn from it and ask Jesus for help. Thank ya girl wishing you lots of love


    1. I completely understand where you are coming from! I bottled up my fear, too and attempted to push forward. Yes, as we ask The Lord for help, the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, will guide our hearts to full and complete understanding and truth. We’re in this together! Much love to you, my friend.

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