Reading the Bible. Real + Raw. (And not just to recite verses.)

Friends, lately I have been finding myself wanting to know more of the Bible.

I want to be able to recite verses. I want to be able to know where stories are. I want to have read through the whole Bible. I want to be able to summarize books.


But, the Spirit has really been convicting my heart of why I want these things.

If I search my heart, deep, deep down I find myself wanting to be more knowledgeable. I want head knowledge. I want to be Bible-smart. I want to ramble off verses and references and what not.

But honestly, does Jesus really care that I can reference Philippians 4:13? Does Jesus really care that I can list the order of the books of the Bible? Does Jesus really care that I can say that I’ve read the whole Bible?

Well, not if my heart isn’t in the right place.


So often we get caught up in the glory and pride of being able to ramble off verses, knowing the order of the books, and knowing the time period and this and that.

But, friends: let’s get back to the heart of our Father.


We study Scripture to know more about our God.

We read the word of God to more deeply and intimately know our Father.

We open our Bibles, not to gain Bible-smarts, but rather to say, “God, I want to know more about you.”


A quote that dramatically changed by heart’s perspective on reading the Bible,

“We didn’t study God’s word.. we were simply in awe of Him.”

This is the very story of our Redeemer. This is the very word of the Creator. This is His story. Our story.

It’s the story of how our Creator created us and this beautiful world. It’s the story of how we rebelled, and chose our own way. It’s the story of our God pursuing us through time and time and time. It’s the story of magnificent miracles. It’s the story of grace. The story of redemption, intelligence, and love.

It’s the very written essence of God. Let us always be in awe of it, holding it at the highest of reverence.


SO with my passion for the very word of God, let me be incredibly blunt: Screw the “Bible knowledge standard.”

I think that it can be incredibly good and I think that God can be glorified in our knowledge of His word. But only if our heart behind it is to know Him more. Not just His word.


I don’t want to be able to recite verse after verse if my heart isn’t changed by what they say.

I don’t want to say that I’m on the “Bible in a year” reading plan if I’m not drawing closer to my Savior every day in that year.

I don’t want to be able to pronounce the weird Biblical names if my heart doesn’t believe the power in the name of Jesus.


I don’t want head knowledge. I want God’s word to change my heart.

I don’t want a trendy Instagram picture of my Bible. I don’t want to blatantly memorize verses. I don’t want to do a reading plan like it’s homework.

I want to know more about my sweet Jesus.

I want to draw closer to Him. I want Him to pull me deeper. I want to know Him for who He really is.


I mean, friends, we are pursuing an intimate relationship with the very One who spoke these words.

The very Jesus that we read about is the One who we pray to.

The very Jesus we hear stories about is the One that has saved our souls.

The very Jesus the pastor preaches about is the One that gently reigns within our heart.

It’s amazing.

The very Jesus that taught in the synagogues, that had dinner with tax collectors, that was drenched in perfume by a woman, that was in the boat calming the seas, that road the donkey in the hot sun, that was tempted in the wilderness, that multiplied fish and bread…..

That Jesus is the One that we know.

That Jesus is our friend.

That Jesus listens to us. And loves us.

And leads us.


It’s amazing. It brings me to tears. It brings me to my knees. It brings me joy.

He knows us. And I want to know Him.


Friends, let’s just pray that the Holy Spirit would work in our hearts and create in us a deeper desire to know God.

Friends, let’s be in genuinely in awe of the story of our God pursuing us, and let’s stand in wonder at the words of His breath.

Friends, let’s read the Bible not to attain head knowledge, but rather to grow closer to our beloved God.

Scripture simply leads us to the throne of our King. To the heart of our God.

Scripture leads us to God.


With much, much love. And a desire to go open my Bible. –Melissa


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6 replies to “Reading the Bible. Real + Raw. (And not just to recite verses.)

  1. This was extremely helpful to me because I started the Bible in a year plan at the beginning of this new year. In the beginning, I was so very excited just to finally know the stories of God. Although, earlier this month when I started to get behind I realized I was just trying to read them to catch up not to truly understand. This post gives me peace that I should just take my time. The point is not to say I read the Bible in exactly a year but that I digested all of the stories no matter how long it takes. Thank you!


    1. Adriana,
      Wow! I have been struggling with the exact same thing! I found myself just hurrying through different books just so I could check it off my “read” list! It’s so amazing to think that every time we open our Bible, we can learn a new, exciting thing about our God. Much love to you, my friend!


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