Passion Projects + His Kingdom

I love to work.

On certain things, of course.

When I am doing something that sweet Jesus has created me to do, I love work.

I get this fire in my eyes rooting from a deep passion in my heart.

For me, it’s planning. It’s planning, coordinating, logistics, development… details. It may sound nerdy. But seriously, the good Lord has given me good pleasure from event-planning.

So naturally, I planned a lot. And I loved every minute of it. (Well, almost every minute.)

But, I often felt that I wasn’t doing it right. I knew that Jesus had given me this passion and given me special talents to do it well.

But, something was off.

Maybe you can relate.


Friends, as some of you know, I felt my sweet Jesus calling me to a season of rest. And, as some of you know, I was not having it. I mean, of course I surrendered and let the Lord work in my heart, but it was hard-very hard- to lay my projects and passions down at His feet.

But man, I’m glad I did.

Because I realized I was doing it all wrong.


I was working to make conferences, events, and productions come.

Not to make the Kingdom come.


Can you relate?

Have you been working to make your dreams come? Have you been working to make success come? Have you been working with all your heart for the things you are passionate about?

But have you been working to make the Kingdom come through those things?


Those things, whether it be events, movies, photography, music, teaching, sports, business, real estate, coffee, acting, food, justice, politics… you name it, are all how we work for the Kingdom.

It’s the beauty of the Kingdom coming. God has given us good pleasure to work for the Kingdom through the things we are passionate about.


Sometimes, I feel as though we separate our “Jesus work” from our “normal work.” Like, we go to our normal job, in our normal day. We serve food, or grade papers, or go to class, plan events, calculate numbers, take photos, write music, or make coffee. But when we think of “ministry,” we think of leading Bible studies, or mission trips, or watching kids for an hour on Sunday.

Yeah, the latter things are ministry.

But, friends, there is so much more to it than that.

Stop putting Jesus and the Kingdom work in a little box, reserved for a certain location at a certain time each week.

Life is your ministry.

If we are redeemed woman, with our very God living inside of us, then our lives reflect Christ. Then our normal days- whether it be our job, our class, our grocery store visits, our coffee runs, our line waiting all radiate the living Savior. Our very lives make the Kingdom come by the things we do every day.


We were meant to work. We were meant to do stuff every day. To come into contact with random people. To have random passions.

And in that, through that, we make the Kingdom come.


I’ve mentioned this many, many times, (and will many more times, at that) but our sweet Jesus literally gives us the passions and interests and desires that are in our heart.

Your random passions, are not random. They are the very touch of your Creator in your heart.

My God literally touched my heart and created in it a passion for event planning.

Your God literally touched your heart and created in it a passion for what you love- maybe it’s wood working or painting or finance or hunting or fashion or teaching or food or whatever.


He gave us those passions, which give us such good pleasure.

And He designed us to use those passions to work for the Kingdom.


It’s a beautiful design.

We get good pleasure out of doing things we are passionate about, and we get to make the Kingdom come through that. I love it. Our God is so good.

I can plan events to make the name of Jesus known.

Whether the event is a “Christian event” or not, I can spread the gospel.

You can do what you’re passionate about. And whether it’s a “Christian” type thing or not, you can further the Kingdom.

Martin Luther states that, “The Christian shoemaker does his Christian duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes- because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”

I love that. Read it again.


This hits home.

If you’re a chef, you don’t have to bake your bread in the shape of the cross to honor God.

If you’re a musician, you don’t have to sing “Jesus” over and over and over to honor God.

If you’re a clothing designer, you don’t have to print Bible verses on every shirt to honor God.

If you are an event planner, you don’t have to plan solely worship nights to honor God.

If you are a teacher, you don’t have to teach Bible classes to honor God.


Yes, those things would undoubtedly please the Lord, but guys, listen:

God is honored in integrity. In hard work. In dedication, commitment. In quality. In passion.

The Gospel can be lived out.


Thinking that you have to stamp crosses on the shoes you are making and preach the Gospel to every customer is insane. It’s unrealistic. And it’s rather unproductive.

Most people here in America have heard the Gospel.

But not many people have seen it.


I can make coffee and show the Gospel through quality work.

I can direct events and show the Gospel through a faith in God that everything will work out according to His plan.

I can write blogs and show the Gospel through loving encouragement and bold affection.

I can lead Bible studies and show the Gospel through an unwavering commitment to the girls.

And when we live out the Gospel, when we show the Gospel through our passions, the Lord will use that to make the Kingdom come.

The hard work, the passion, the integrity, the sacrifice, the care, the love are all things that this world finds foreign. They will notice that something is different. Promise.


So forget the religious-box of “ministry” as only Sunday morning, or Wednesday night youth group, or in a Bible study, or a homeless food collection.

Sisters, our very lives are ministry.

We get to work to make the Kingdom come through our passions.

Jesus is so, so sweet.


I want to show people the power of Jesus through my passion. I want to show people a heart radically changed by the Gospel. I want to show people a deeper love, a better life, a joy, and a fire that they haven’t seen before.

And I want them to see it in my normal life, in my ordinary days, in the work of my hands.

I want to make the Kingdom come through my work. Through my passions.

Because that’s how our sweet Jesus designed us.


So now, I will no longer blindly work for success, for mere earthly things, for money, or for anything else.

Now, I am working to make the Kingdom come.

Through the work of my hands. Through my passions.


With much, much love. And a fire in my eyes. –Melissa


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