His victory. Your reality.

My dear sister, do you know the victory is won?

Yes, the victory is won.

Why are you still fighting?

Why are you still fleeing?

Why are you still cowering and hiding and striving?

Sister, the victory is won.

The war is over. The fight is over.

Jesus won.

He won your war.

The things that you are fighting have already been defeated. The war you are waged in has already been won.


It’s over.

Victory is here.

And His name is Jesus.


The anxiety? It doesn’t have power over you.

The fear? It doesn’t have power over you.

The depression? It doesn’t have power over you.

The temptation? It doesn’t have power over you.

The doubt? It doesn’t have power over you.

The shame? The guilt? The failures? The brokenness? The pain? The anger?

It doesn’t have power over you.


The nails tore through the flesh on His hands.

The crown of thorns pierced His head.

The sign was hung, the mockers yelled while locking eyes with Him.

Half naked, tortured, and ridiculed.

Your sweet Jesus hung on that tree.

And He cried out, “It is finished.”


It is finished. My dear sister, do you understand what is finished?

Your salvation is finished. Complete.

Your redemption is finished. Complete.

The power of sin over you is finished.

The power of anxiety, of fear, of depression, of temptation, of doubt, shame, guilt, failures, pain, anger… your very sweet Jesus said, “It is finished.”


It doesn’t have power over you anymore.

Yes, it used to. But not anymore.

You are saved. You are redeemed.

Jesus fought your fight. He fought it until death. And he won.

Now, you are victorious because Jesus is victorious.


So, smile. Shout. Dance. Sing.

Because you live in freedom.

You are freed from the things that once enslaved you.


My friend, do you believe it?

I thought I would have to live with anxiety forever. I thought I would have to live with fear forever. I thought I would have to live with shame and guilt and doubt forever.

But Jesus shattered that.

Jesus showed me that since the day that I placed my faith in Him that every single one of those chains were broken.

And I just had to believe it.

So my sister, do you believe it?

Do you believe in the power of the cross?

Do you believe in the victory of Jesus?

Do you believe your chains are broken?


It’s your reality.

It’s your power.

My dear sister, do you know the power within you?

My dear sister, do you know the power living in your heart?

Do you know the power working in your life?

Do you know the power that radiates from you?


Sister, you are powerful.

Because your Jesus is powerful. And He lives in you. He works through you.

He is using you as His very own vessel.

He is breaking chains through you. He is shattering strongholds through you. He is loving others through you. He is advancing His Kingdom through you. He is saving souls through you.

Yes, you.

Yes, you who thinks of herself as at times shy. Or at times weak. Or at times useless. Or at times broken. Or at times a failure.

He is using you.

My dear sister, do you know the power within you?

Do you know the power you have?


The power of a woman in Christ.

It’s not a power from the flesh and for the flesh, rather it’s a power from the Spirit and for the unseen world.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

The power to make darkness disappear. The power to make evil flee. The power to crush sin. The power to break chains. The power to overcome. The power to fight the good fight. The power to win.

That power lives inside of you.

It’s the power of salvation. The power of redemption. The power of victory.

The power of Jesus.


This isn’t a Christian- idea. This isn’t a Sunday thing. This isn’t a spiritual high feeling.

This is your reality.

Your life changed radically from the moment you placed your faith in Christ.

You now live a life of freedom from sin and evil.

You live a life ruled and reigned by the victorious power of Jesus.

Paul says it like this: We are more than conquerors through Christ. (Romans 8:37)


More than a conqueror.

What’s more than a conqueror?

I don’t even know. All I know is it’s a pretty bold statement about who we are in Jesus.


Our reality is that, every day, we are free from sin.

Our reality is that every day, we wake up to a Savior singing over us.

Our reality is that, every day, God’s grace reigns.

Our reality is that, every day, Jesus is using us as His vessels to make His very Kingdom come.

Our reality is that Jesus said, “it is finished,” and meant it.

Our reality is that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us, and because of that, we have immense power.


You are not shy. Or weak. Or useless. Or broken. Or a failure. Or stuck. Or inadequate.


Sisters, Jesus conquered. Jesus is the victory.

Sisters, we are more than conquerors. We are victorious.

You are more loved than you have ever imaged.

You are more powerful than you have ever thought.

And this is our reality. Let it pierce your heart every single day.


Live a life of power in Christ.

With much, much love. And overwhelming victory. –Melissa


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6 replies to “His victory. Your reality.

  1. I love this! thank you so much for always being that faithful and hopeful reminder in my life! you have no idea how much I have been struggling lately and reading your posts always helps me! Much Love!


      1. You’re welcome! I just wanted you to know that it wasn’t just one post that touched my life and plays a big part of my daily motivation but you entire blog!

        Liked by 1 person

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