We can’t be satisfied

It’s simple.

We can’t be satisfied.


We drink water. And get thirsty. So, we drink more.

We eat breakfast. And get hungry. So, we eat lunch. And dinner. (And two desserts.)

We work hard. We work hard today, and then we work more tomorrow. And the next day.

We get a promotion. Then we want another one, to be another step up.

We make money. Yet we always need more.

We drink. Excessively. But when we sober up, the void is still there. So we drink more.

We think sex is going to satisfy us. Then, we just want more and more.

In middle school, we just want high school. In high school, we just want college. In college, we just want a day job. Then, we just want marriage. And then, kids. We can’t be content in the season we are in.

We have clothes. And shoes. And purses. But we need more. We want more, and more.

Our home is never clean enough. Our Instagram is never trendy enough. Our life is never perfect enough.


It’s simple. We can’t be satisfied with things of this earth.


Because, sisters, we weren’t created for this.

We are designed to live a much, much different life. We were designed to be live with God.

I mean, we are designed in His very image. Our hearts are literally His home.

So yes, of course nothing else will satisfy.

No wonder we are always thirsty and hungry.

No wonder why alcohol and sex and money and purses and power won’t satisfy.

No wonder why we are so discontent in this life.


Because this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

And friends, those empty things are supposed to lead us right to God.

Every single time our alcohol, our sex, our money, our clothes, our social media, our power, our relationships don’t satisfy, God is telling us, screaming to us, whispering to us, “You were made for something more. You were made for me..”


It’s like a flashlight. Mine only takes AAA batteries.

If I put in AA batteries, it won’t shine. If I put in A batteries, it’s not enough. If I put in BB batteries (I know that’s not a battery) it won’t work.

So when we try alcohol and guys and money and hard work and what not…. It just simply doesn’t work.

The only thing that can satisfy our yearning hearts is God. The only thing that can make us light up is God.

Because we were created for God. And God alone.


So pray that your heart would believe that. Pray that it wouldn’t be just head knowledge, but that it would break through to your heart.

Because until you realize that, you will be stuck empty and void in this life.

Sister, we weren’t created for those things. We weren’t created in the image of mere earthly possessions. It’s crazy to even say that.

We were created for God. By God. In the image of God.


And, my dear sisters, I know that sometimes those things seem attractive. They seem bright, and vivid. They seem enticing.

But, stop. Stop flirting with them.

You have a precious diamond in your hands and you drop it to pick up a cracked rock.


You have the Power of this world, the Maker of the heavens, the Gem of this corroded life.. in your hands. Pursuing you. Pursuing you until you die.

Don’t forsake that.

Don’t forsake Him.


He doesn’t want to take away our fun. And our joy.

In fact, He cares more about our joy than we do.

He is screaming and whispering to us that He is joy.

And everything else our feeble hearts chase after will disappoint us. Scar us. Leave us empty.


Friends, He bore the shame that is rightly ours from our rebellion.

Friends, He took the scars that we deserve of the things that we are foolishly amusing ourselves with.

Friends, He was emptied- water and blood hit the ground- just so we could be filled.

And, He is holding out His arms, offering us a gem.

Offering us Himself. King, Savior, Friend, Beloved.. Gem.


Because satisfaction happens when creation re-immerses itself in it’s Creator.

Wholeness happens when the God who created your heart reigns in it.

Fulfillment happens when our yearning and weary hearts find rest in our Savior.


It’s a simple truth that I’ve been searching for 18 years.

God created me, so only God can satisfy me.

And the emptiness of abusing alcohol, meaningless sex, frivolous hard work, fleeting titles, and temporary money…. All point us to our full, abundant, deep God.


Now friends, don’t get me wrong. Some of the things that we think will satisfy us aren’t completely bad. The good Lord has blessed us with food and drink, with relationships, with clothes and shoes, and even with sex and having fun. He has given us marriage and kids, along with passions and homes. But they were never meant to take His place.

They are blessings from Jesus’ hand, because the Lord loves His children and can be glorified in those things.

Ultimately, our desperate, yearning, depleted hearts are satisfied by God alone.


Sisters, the things that leave us empty and dry lead us straight to our deep, abundant God.

Sisters, the things we amuse ourselves with, the things that seem so attractive and enticing, are actually faded in the light of Jesus.

My dear, dear sister, drop your rocks. And lift your hands to the gem that our precious Savior is holding out.

He is better. He is fuller. He is deeper. He is more abundant. He gives more joy.

You were made for the King of Heaven, and the riches of Heaven.

You were not made for the fleeting, empty things of this world.


With much, much love. And my rocks at the ground, as my hands reach for the gem. –Melissa


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13 replies to “We can’t be satisfied

  1. Wow, this post was so good and incredibly relevant. Like when you talked about the flashlight for example, it made it incredibly relatable and was so real. Like we fill ourselves with things that don’t fit and trade our diamonds for pea gravel.


  2. Every time that I seem to come across your blog and click on your recent post it never fails to be exactly about what I was thinking about the night before. Lately I have fallen away from the my commitment to God and I just don’t know if I can bring myself to go back. I have been recently asking myself why everything in my life is never enough to make me happy and surely enough you answered every raining question that I had be overthinking last night. I just want to say that every time i’m at my breaking point you always seem to put just enough faith inside me to help me keep going, so thank you! Know that your blog makes a difference in my life and I am so glad I came across your blog when I did.


    1. Anie Jane, wow! This made me so joyful to hear that the Lord is using this blog to touch your heart. Just remember that when we are faithless, He is faithful. He will never give up on you. Praying that God would shower you with His grace today, pulling you a little closer to His heart. Much love to you, my dear friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the positivity of your blog – this one hits home for me – had a Christian upbringing and I’m just now (after 21 years) realizing that God is the only thing that will bring me true joy. Thanks for this encouraging post.


  4. Beauty and truth right here! As I was reading, I wonder what it looks like, to be seeking for Him to satisfy. I know it will look different for all of our unique hearts, but how do I live it out? Any advice for a sister traveling on the journey?


    1. Liz, I love your passion and excitement to follow Jesus! Honestly, I have just been praying that the Lord would grow the fire inside my heart for Him MORE and MORE and MORE! One thing He has taught me is that love is a fruit of the Spirit, not a fruit of myself. So with me praying for more of a passion and desire for Jesus, I have first-hand seen God move in my heart.
      I want the things I write, the things I do, the things I say, etc. to all just pour out, to overflow out from the deep love inside of my heart for Jesus. So bottom-line, I truly believe that a life seeking Him comes from a heart seeking Him.
      He wants more of us. He will gladly and abundantly answer our prayers for a brighter, bigger fire for Him.
      Much love to you, my dear sister!


  5. Thank you!!! I came to your blog looking for encouragement and knowing I needed to focus on Christ, but being rebellious. This is just what I need. I pray God continues to use you to bless people like me.


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