To the girl who misses home:

To the college girl who misses home:

Or anyone who is far away, for that matter.


Sometimes, Jesus asks us to do hard things. Like moving out of state for college. Or just, moving away.

It’s hard. And yes, Jesus asked us to do it. But friends, that doesn’t make it any easier.


It’s hard moving away from home.

It’s hard moving to someplace totally new.

It’s hard adjusting to the new culture.

It’s scary. It’s intimidating. It makes me anxious. It’s overwhelming.


And at first, maybe it’s super exciting. Maybe the first semester, or first year, things just kind of flew by. The adrenaline maybe took over, and it was fun and you barely even thought of home.

But maybe now reality is setting in. The reality that this is now your home. For the next few years. That’s not a short amount of time.

And maybe, you look around. You look at the city you’re in. You look at the events around. You look at the people surrounding you. You look at your schedule, your routine. You look at your life.

And you realize, this is life. This is your new life.

And maybe, you start to miss home.

You start to miss your family. Your friends. Your best friends. Your community back home. Your favorite coffee shops. Your get-aways. Your routine at home. Just… life at home.


This was me. Yesterday, to be exact.

My first semester flew by, and I barely yearned to be back home. Everything was so new and exciting, and my days were filled with adventuring and exploring this new city, meeting new people, and just creating this new life.

But now, reality has set in. And it makes me anxious…. Because this is it. This is my life now.

So I prayed.

I said, “Jesus. I miss my home. I my friends. I miss my community. I miss my family. I just miss everything. And I just give it all to you.”

And this is what my sweet Jesus taught me:


Friends, it’s okay to miss things. It’s okay to miss home, and your friends, and your family, and your favorite coffee shops and restaurants back home. It’s okay.

I think it shows that we care. I think it shows we love. I think it shows we were engaged, we were intentional, that we were there.

But friends, don’t hold on to it.

Don’t cling to it.

Hold onto Jesus. Cling to Jesus.

After all, even the place we call our, “home” really isn’t our home.

I know, that kind of stings. Because we have so much of our heart there.

But, Heaven is our home. Where Jesus is, is our home. We are simply walking home, right now.


Friends, don’t hold on to those things. Lay those feelings, those emotions, those things in the scarred hands of Jesus.

And then throw your empty hands up to Him.

For it was Him who called you here.

It was Him who led you here.

You said yes. I am so proud of you.

Jesus is so proud of you. He is well pleased with your “yes.”


He is going to make something so beautiful out of your surrendered life.

He is going to make something so beautiful with your “yes.”

He is going to make something SO beautiful out of you.


Sisters, there’s such a bigger picture. Seriously. The “here and now” isn’t it. Don’t get too caught up in it.

Jesus is preparing you for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus is making you more like Him.

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming and confusing and lonely and uncomfortable.

But we are here to fall in love with Jesus.

And if we get to know Him better through the season of uncertainty, the seasons of going, the seasons of Him calling us out of our comfort zone… then so be it. Then amen.


Look at Jesus. Lock eyes with him. Give him your hand to hold.

And say, “I’ll follow you until I’m home.”

It’s going to be a journey. It’s going to be an adventure. It’s going to a wild, crazy ride.

But friends, you’re on your way home. You are on your way to the very Kingdom of Heaven.

Set your sights on that.

This “here and now” is a part of that journey.


Being completely surrendered to Jesus is powerful. Saying “yes,” and going is the most beautifully painful feeling ever.

It hurts so good.

It is a deep, searing pain that His grace balms.

It’s a deep, deep cut but His love fills it.

It’s a painful sacrifice. It’s a beautiful sacrifice.

But He is so well pleased with it.

Your life is being poured out like a drink offering, sweet smelling to your Father.


So keep it up, sister.

Keep saying, “yes.”

Keep going. And not even necessarily further. Just keep going deeper.

Keep holding the hand of your Beloved Savior.. and let Him lead you home. Through the valleys, over the mountains, in all seasons…. Keep holding His hand alone.


Sister, I am so proud of you.

You are doing well.

You are killin’ it.

Jesus thinks so, too.


With much, much love. And a lot of trust. –Melissa


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19 replies to “To the girl who misses home:

  1. Melissa,

    Wow, it’s amazing how God speaks to us through other believers. I’ve spent the majority of yesterday and today full out ugly crying because I am so homesick and reading this blog hit home so hard for me. (I’m only an hour and a half away from home and still can barely handle it.) Thank you for doing what you do and encouraging others through the your love for us and your love for Jesus. It was such a sweet reminder that He knows how hard this is for me, but nonetheless He is so proud of my obedience. Thank you for giving such a sweet reminder.

    With Love, Ilse Ballard


    1. Ilse,
      Wow girl! Thank you for your encouragement! I completely understand being homesick, but yes, just as you said- He is so, so well pleased with your “yes.” Praying that the Lord would pour out His peace and comfort on you.. the peace that surpasses all understanding. Hope you have a great time at home!
      Much love to you, friend!


  2. ^ agreed!! I literally just spent a minute thinking, I really miss my mom, after sending her a text message. And then I went over to your blog and what do I find? The perfect blog post to start off the morning!


  3. I randomly came across your blog one night and Honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time.I whole heartedly believe that God has given you the gift of written word to speak to my weary heart.At a time where I have had to move away from my Christ centered community and have been struggling with my relationship whith God thank you sweet sister for helping him remind me of my worth and what thinks of me . I always say that God knows what I need . And that I need it written out and put smack dab in my face .I affectionately call it my ” fourtane cookies” Thanks for being my latest ” fourtane cookie”.
    With lots of prayers and blessings, also apologies for horrible grammar and run on sentences , Kailee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kailee,
      Awh, girl! So encouraged by your comment. Thank you, so much. I completely understand how difficult it can be to move away from a Christ-centered community to a brand new place. But.. as you mentioned.. the Lord loves His children and is faithful to provide love, support, and encouragement to them. He is so well pleased with your obedience! Praying that He would surround you with Jesus-loving people and keep you growing closer to Him through it all. Much love to you, my sister!


  4. Oh wow… I seriously experienced exactly this and my sweet friend had linked me to your blog but its such a good reminder and comforter to know that he is with us always and that HE is home. Its such a challenge and anxiety issue going to a far new place away from familiarity but i think this blog was exactly what God was relaying to me.


    1. Sarah, awh! I am so glad that the Lord brought this post into your life and touched your heart. Praise Him! Yes, I totally understand how hard it can be- overwhelming and difficult.. but please, please know that God is looking down on you, smiling, and well pleased when you follow Him. Much love to you, my friend!


  5. This could not have beem sent to me at a better time. Everything in this blog was exactly what i had been experiencing and a sweet friend had linked me to your page. I had felt so much anxiety and stress recently and have been very homesick and its such a relief and comfort to know that God is always with us and that HE is home.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE when you emphasized on it being okay to miss things. It is okay for it to be hard, but we still must hold on to Jesus and cling to Him in the midst of the hardship. It is okay to feel scared, sad, alone, and hurt. But, that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. Oh, sweet, sweet, Jesus!


    1. Tiffany,
      AMEN to everything you said! So good! Yes, it’s okay to miss things and it’s okay to feel alone, scared, hurt… etc. but our sweet Jesus is holding our right hand all the way through it! Much love to you, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Melissa, this post came to me at a most perfect time. I’m currently studying abroad 4,500 miles away from home, and there have been many days when I’m overwhelmed with homesickness. I know that the Lord brought me here in this season for a reason, and there is nothing that could have changed my “yes” to a “no,” but that does not mean it will be easy. Thank you for reminding me that ultimately, I’m on a long walk to my heavenly home. Your blog has been a great encouragement to me.

    Much love, Nina


    1. Nina,
      I loved what you said about it not being easy to be away from home, but that nothing could turn your, “yes” to a “no”! But yes, we are on a long walk to our heavenly home. Praying that the Lord would fill you with peace and His love each and every day! Much love to you, my sister!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you so, so much for this. I just started a new job that involves traveling with a team for a few weeks at a time, and my homesickness and anxiety has horrible these last few days. A friend sent me the link to this page and it’s just what I needed!


    1. Mary,
      I am so glad that the Lord used this post to touch your heart. Praise Him! Please hold close to your heart that He loves you so dearly and is so well pleased with your yes. Praying that God would lavish you in grace and joy so strong that you would be constantly be content where you are. Much love to you, my friend!


  9. growing up overseas and then having to move back to the United States for college, I can totally relate to this. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we were called here “for such a time as this”! And that our sweet Jesus is our ultimate source of comfort. YES, it’s a sacrifice. A painful sacrifice. But how much it is all worth it to make our Father proud!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Allysa,
      Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! Yes, we are called here for a time such as this, and yes, it’s a painful sacrifice but your Father is looking down, smiling at your unconditional, “yes.” Praying He would fill you with peace and joy wherever He sends you, until you reach our everlasting home. Much love to you!


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