Grace meets our ugly

I think a lot of times we acquaint the word, “grace” with soft and pretty things. Whenever I see a mug or a t-shirt from a trendy Christian online store, it always has flowers and is written in a cursive font and looks so lovely.

Today, my sweet Jesus has been showing me that, yes, grace is a beautiful thing.

But also that grace, in all of its beauty, shows up to the ugly. Grace meets with ugly. Grace immerses in the ugly and works amidst the ugly.

Grace shows up to our ugly, sinful, broken, rebellious hearts.

Grace meets us in our states of sinfulness.

Grace immerses itself in our rebellious hearts.

Grace works in the ugly.

The very thing I acquainted with flowers, gentleness, prettiness… is actually gritty. It’s raw. It’s willing to do the hard things. It’s not afraid to get dirty. It’s consuming. It’s riveting. It’s strong.


Grace goes to bitterness. To rebellion. To despair. To brokenness. To pain. To mean. To hard. To frustrating. To desolation. To anger. To the ugly.

It transforms the ugly to beautiful.

It’s strong.

A simple moment of Jesus’ grace at work in a human heart is enough to completely restore.

I mean grace is the very thing that made our sinful hearts pure before the living God.

It’s the very thing that kept sweet Jesus hanging on that cross.

It’s the very thing that raised the dead Savior out of the grave. It’s the very thing that our God is.

That’s power. That’s riveting. It’s not flowery, nor gentle. It’s ferocious.

And it came to us. Grace came to our bitterness. To our despair, our brokenness, our pain, our anger. It came to us, amidst our idolatry, our poverty, our rage, our danger. It came to our ugly.

And it transforms us to beautiful.

Grace looked us in the eyes and said He was faithful. Grace stayed here, in the dirt of this world amidst utter chaos and destruction and rebellion and danger.

Grace pursued us through our denial. Through our waywardness. Through our sin.

Grace loves us unconditionally.

And that’s why we go. It’s why we go to bitterness. Why we go to despair, brokenness, pain, anger. It’s why we go to places and people consumed with idolatry, rage, poverty, jealously, and danger.

It fills our hearts.. and then overflows. Overflows onto people and circumstances and places around us.

Grace strengthens us to look others in the eyes and tell them we aren’t leaving. That we will stand with them, in the dirt, surrounded by utter chaos and danger and destruction.

Grace strengths us to pursue others through their denial. Through their waywardness. Through their sin.

Grace strengthens us to love unconditionally.

It’s strong enough to turn even the darkest place, the darkest circumstance, the darkest person into one of beauty.

Strong enough to break addiction. To stop depression and anxiety. To heal abuse. To restore relationships. To break chains. To bring freedom. To change hearts. To change places. To change circumstances. To bring dead to life. To restore, renew, redeem.

It has the power to make enemies, children. It has the power to make prostitutes, beloved. It has the very power to raise our crimson souls from the grave into the very presence of Jesus.

Can you feel the power of grace?

Do you feel it coursing through your veins? I’m getting pumped.

It’s the very essence of Jesus moving here.

It’s the root of revival.

It’s the power behind the Kingdom coming.


Friends, this is grace.

It’s not flowery, nor gentle, nor soft.

It’s gritty. It’s raw. It’s ferocious. It’s a strong, deep love. It’s a faithful and hard worker.

Go be grace.

Go into an ugly world.

Go let Jesus’ grace make it beautiful.

One circumstance, one place, one person at a time.

Let’s be gritty. Let’s be ferocious. Let’s be grace.


With much, much love. And lots of ferocious grace. –Melissa


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11 replies to “Grace meets our ugly

  1. I love reading your blog. I just spoke at a retreat this weekend that was all about grace and you say it so well in this post. Blessing to you on your journey.


  2. I love reading your blog and look forward to every single post! All of them contain so much grace. and so much truth. Thank you for sharing your heart for the Lord and for others. Keep posting, girl!


  3. Thank you, Melissa, very much for your inspiring posts. I have only just starting following your blog, and have already found myself encouraged, uplifted, and desiring to draw closer to God. May the Lord bless you and empower you to continue sharing God’s sweet truth in a sad, lost world. ❤


  4. Hi Melissa! I recently discovered your blog and I’m sooooo glad I did! I was wondering if you could share in a future blog post about how you came to know Christ~ Much love ❤


      1. Looking forward to it~!! I’m a college student, really hoping to grow in regards to my personal relationship w/ Christ. I’m really glad He allowed me to come across your blog ^.^

        Liked by 1 person

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