Sister, your sins are no more.

You used to be red. Crimson. Dripping in the blood that was owed because of your sin.

You used to be a slave. A slave to the sin that literally had control of your life.

You used to be dead. Dead and unable to see that you needed God.

You used to be chained down. Chained down by lust, pride, drugs, anger, power.

You used to carry a heavy, heavy burden. One that weighed down your weak soul.


But sister, your sins are no more.

Now, you are no longer crimson. You are white. You are pure, holy, all from the blood of Jesus.

You are no longer a slave to fear. You are a servant, a child, the beloved of the Lord.

You are not dead. You never will be. You have life, in every sense. Life here; citizenship in Heaven.

You are no longer chained down. Jesus broke every. single. chain. He snapped them in two. You are free.

You are no longer breaking under the heavy burdens you used to carry. Jesus lifted them. You are light.


You are redeemed.

You are freed.

You are His.


You used to be the adulterous woman who the Pharisees brought to Jesus, asking him if he condemned her.

You come before Jesus, accused and guilty of sin.

You stand before Jesus, accused and guilty of adultery. Of giving yourself to something other than Him.

And as you stood before him, you looked down at the dirt. Because you were too ashamed to look into His eyes.

But then, the accusers left. And Jesus looked at you. He locked eyes with you, and told you that he does not condemn you.

He doesn’t condemn you.


Flashing images of your sin race through your mind.

Pangs of guilt bang at your heart.

Confusion and disbelief are written on your face.


He doesn’t condemn me?

No. No, he doesn’t.


Never mind the time you got crazy with your friends.

Never mind the time you wore the outfit that showed too much.

Never mind the time lied to your parents.

Never mind the time you and that guy went too far.

Never mind the time you put Jesus dead last.

Never mind the time you did that one thing that you are too ashamed to talk about.

Never mind the secret sins that you hate thinking about.

Never mind them.

He does not condemn you.

Yes, you.

Jesus Christ does not condemn you.


When we come before Jesus, we stand naked. Bare. Completely exposed.

It’s scary. It’s liberating.

“It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

Nothing in all Creation is hidden from God.

Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes..”

(Hebrews 4:12-13)


We used to stand, dirty and filthy.

We used to stand dripping in crimson.

We used to stand, saddened by our identity of slave.

We used to stand dead and rebellious against the only thing that could save us.

We used to stand chained back to sin. We used to stand, crippled under heavy burdens.

We came before Jesus, naked and bare. Exposed.

And he did not condemn us.



So never mind your past sins.

You are not that person anymore.

You are redeemed. You are holy. You are free.

You stood before Jesus, guilty.

Now, you stand before Jesus, beloved.


Sisters, don’t go back. Don’t forfeit the riches of Heaven for the rocks of the earth.

Sisters, don’t let guilt and shame lead you astray. You are made new, washed completely white. Stand firm in that.

Sister, your sins are no more.

He looks at you with eyes rich with grace and love, singing “beloved,” over you.

Right now. And forevermore.


He redeems. Jesus, friend of sinners.

With much, much love. And some grace. –Melissa


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4 replies to “Sister, your sins are no more.

  1. Beautiful story! We don’t stand condemned before God the Father because Jesus Christ bore our condemnation on the cross and absorbed the full weight of God’s wrath due us. Full atonement, can it be? Hallelujah, what a Savior.


  2. this is probably the 5th blog I have read so far on your page.. I AM HOOKED. You have been a person I have been looking for writing about God out Father with so much passion and love and admiration. Keep on doing this and sharing your heart with us! I am a very happy person right now. Thank you!

    -Paola (a loyal subscriber from now on)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paola,
      WOW thank you so very much for your kind words! They make me so happy! So glad that you enjoy the posts… and hoping you love the ones to come, too! Let me know if there’s ever anything I can pray for, my friend! Much love to you!


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