I am a Jesus-loving girl with a messy closet. And that’s okay.


Everything is a mess.

Like, always.

My car? Dirty.

My bed? Not made.

My closet? There’s clothes on the floor.

My hair? Let’s not go there.

The time? Shoot! I’m late again.

*beep* There goes the gas light.

Forgot my phone charger. Hitting every red light. My shoes don’t match my outfit. And the radio wouldn’t know good music if it hit them in the face.

There’s about twelve things on my to-do list, and the cat needs food again?

I have mapped out every minute of the day, and in total, there’s approximately 6 minutes, twice, of spare time. That’s when I’ll drive through somewhere and eat limp, greasy fries for lunch. Rad.

It’s okay though. I only have four texts to respond to. And haven’t checked my email in a few hours.

Who needs sleep?   Me.


I feel like everything is a mess.

Like, all the time.

But, it’s really not.

I see a mess everywhere, when, really it’s just a shirt fallen off the hanger. Or the sheets not tucked in bedside. Or the music is… just kidding can’t redeem that one.


I think we, as ladies, sometimes (all of the time) over-dramatize things.

I know, I didn’t want to hear it, either.

But listen, my fellow Marthas, Jesus is trying to get our attention. The problem is, we are too caught up in our own business to recognize that.

So breathe. Pause. Sit. For a moment, at least.


I know I’ve told you the story of Mary and Martha before. So don’t worry, I won’t again. (Although I really wouldn’t mind.)

I’ve read that story so many times, and every time I think to myself, “Yeah, yeah. I know that Jesus says that the most important thing is being with Him. Not dishes, not cleaning, not errands. If Jesus was in my living room, I would for sure be sitting at His feet. Just call me mini-Mary. Now, on to Luke 11.”


But, really? Do we not have the opportunity every single day to sit at Jesus’ feet?

Not physically, of course. But Jesus is here. Jesus is present with us.

Alright, scratch the “mini-Mary.” Just call me hypocrite instead.

Yes, I do know the importance, the vital importance, of Jesus-time. And I have Jesus-time. A lot of it, actually.

But I think Jesus is trying to teach Martha a little more than to just physically sit and spend time with Him. I think Jesus is telling Martha that she needs to have a heart with Jesus above all of clatter.

It’s more than just a morning devotional.

It’s more than making time for a Bible study.

It’s more than a prayer here and there, even in the still moments.

It’s about the peace of Jesus reigning during the chaos.


Yes, Martha’s house probably wasn’t clean. (I mean there was probably dirt all over the floor, based on when and where she lived.) But heck, Jesus probably was the one who tracked in the dirt.

Yes, Martha did not have dinner prepared. (And we are talking dinner for God in flesh, dinner for the Creator of the Universe.) But Jesus literally was pleased with Mary just sitting with him, even though it was dinnertime.

I wonder if Martha knew Jesus was coming over. Or if he just came. “Unannounced.” I mean, He definitely has the right to. That must have stressed Martha out.

Can you image her thoughts as she saw Jesus walking up? “AH! It’s the Lord! It’s the Messiah! The Son of God! Wow! I can’t wait to bow at his feet, worshipping him and being intentional about my time with him!”

Nope. Made me laugh, too. It was probably more like, “Ah! It’s the Lord! Like, the Lord! Okay, those pillows need to by fluffed. Quick! Grab the broom. Straighten the picture frames. Dinner! What about dinner! Mary, get the oven on! Let’s move! We’ve got company!”

Ha. Like the Lord of all Creation cares if our pillows are fluffed.

Yet, the latter would, ashamedly, be my reaction. And if you’re honest, probably you, too. I think it’s how us ladies are programmed. Or knit together. (Knit together sounded more Biblical.)


I love how Martha said her little spiel to Jesus, you know the whole, “Jesus, isn’t it unfair that Mary isn’t helping? Tell her to help me!”

Notice how Martha doesn’t even take time for Jesus to answer her first question. It’s the typical girl, “this-isn’t-really-a-question-but-more-of-a-way-to-escalate-my-sass” question. She went right on, assuming that she knew Jesus’ answer, and said, “Tell her to come help me!”

She was busy and sassy. My type of woman.

Like literally, me.


Then Jesus, letting her get all of her stress and frustration and sass out, responded. With eyes full of grace, he locked eyes with her and said,

“My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details…”


Details like dinner? Like dishes? Like a clean closet? Like red lights? Like to-do lists?

Yes, details like those.

“My dear Melissa, you are worried and upset over all these details…”

Yes. Yes I am. And if you are honest, again, you are too.


I think it’s kind of inevitable to have to deal with those details.

Like, Jesus, someone’s got to do laundry. And buy granola bars. And be on time to work.

And yes, that’s true. And Jesus knows it.

We are designed, (there’s a good word), as women, to do that stuff.

I mean, Proverbs 31,
“She finds wool and flax and busily spins it. She is like a merchant’s ship, bringing food from afar. She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.”

Exactly. Or maybe, today, it’s more like “She works in the home all day, keeping it clean and tidy. She gets clothes for her family and keeps the clothes clean. She cooks and does the dishes, and plans her days to the very minute.”


See? We are supposed to be that way.

But we can’t let the details become bigger than the Savior.


“My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Only one thing your heart should be fixed on. And it’s not chores. It’s not schedules. It’s not to-do lists.

It’s Jesus.

Those details should be a part of our lives, as godly women. But, they should not consume our hearts. Once they are escalated in our hearts to a place above Jesus, then we have a problem. Once we are letting the stress, the frustration, the chaos overtake the peace of Jesus in our hearts, then we are in the wrong.


Jesus was not just trying to teach Martha to sit for 20 minutes every morning and do the daily devotion. Yes, that’s wonderful. But there’s more.

Jesus was trying to teach Martha to have a heart with His peace ruling over the details throughout the day.

No matter how many people are coming over. No matter how many red lights you hit. No matter how many pages your to-do list is. Just take a breath, lock eyes with Jesus, and let His peace reign.


Because when we let His peace reign, everything goes back into perspective.

A messy closet is just simply a messy closet.

Uncombed hair is just simply uncombed hair.

And Jesus is still singing over us, calling us beloved like no one ever has.


With much, much love. And an equal amount of peace. –Melissa


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28 replies to “I am a Jesus-loving girl with a messy closet. And that’s okay.

  1. Thank you so much for this Melissa. I love that you emphasize that spending time with our Lord is important, but it’s not just for 20 minutes in the morning. To let His peace reign in our hearts continually. What a beautiful thought to cling to daily! Keep on keepin’ on, friend. He is using your words to inspire.


    1. Anna,
      Thank YOU for your support and encouragement! Yes, the Lord has completely laid upon my heart to let His peace reign throughout the day, not just in quiet time. Thank you! Much, much love to you my friend!


  2. I found this from where a friend posted it on Facebook. Thank you so much for your insights on these scripture. I too, feel guilty when the pillows aren’t fluffed, piles of clean laundry often there instead, and Lord help me when company is coming. Sometimes I wonder if the Proverbs 31 woman really exisisted or if I’m frowned on by God because He’s “not a God of disorder but of peace.” But I think of Him often and even cry out to Him for help with my day to day problems. Thank you for encouraging me in many ways: I’m not alone, I forget His strength to help me IF I focus on his provision and not my problems, and it’s not just about how often I can carve that devotion (and before anyone starts being legalistic about that know God loves us no matter what. He knows I’m doing the best that I can!). 😉 May God continue to bless you on our messy closet, imperfect lives! Dena


    1. Dena,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging message! I completely understand the feeling of inability to live up to the 31 standard.. but I also do think that the Proverbs 31 woman is centered and founded on love and grace… just what we need to fix our hearts on! Love hearing your passion for Jesus- I can totally hear it through your words. So blessed by you!!
      Much love to you, my sister!


  3. Ha! The treadmill of mommyhood. It doesn’t just strip me of my peace….but so many other fruits of the Spirit, too. This year I’ve committed to seeking out Godly JOY in the midst of all the messy, never-ending details. Thanks for your post and the always-needed reminder to sit at Jesus’ feet.


  4. Thank you for this! You have no idea how stressed I’ve been lately and basing all of my calm off of a “stress less” hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. 🙂 But this article helped so much to calm my stress and anxiety over silly little details that have seemed huge. Thank you for helping me put those into proportion.
    Thank you.


    1. Emma, thank you for your encouragement! I completely understand the stress over the little details.. completely. I’m so glad the Lord used this blog to touch your heart. Much love to you, my dear sister!


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