Dangerous Prayers. 2


Warning: Pray with extreme caution. Answers to prayers may be closer than it appears.

Ha ha.

But seriously, I think God really, really delights in answering our prayers. And that’s what makes them dangerous. Because God will, in fact, give us our hearts’ desires.

And it may be in ways we never expected.

In this Dangerous Prayers Series, let’s chat about some of these dangerous prayers.

I hope you’re a risk-taker. I hope you like livin’ on the edge. I hope you like a little thrill.


Send me. Use me.

Send me. Use me.

He will send you. He will use you.

Matthew 4:19-20,

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

The first thing Jesus said to Simon Peter and Andrew was to follow Him.

The second was that he would send them out.

Friends, we follow Jesus.

So friends, Jesus will send us out.


Yup. I feel the emotions, too. The nerves. The excitement. The fear. The worry. The anticipation.

And now, my “I have to plan every detail of every single thing, big or small” instinct comes out.

Jesus, where? Where will you send me? When will you send me? Is this like a two-week trip to Haiti or a decade in Uganda? Will I get there by plane? Should I start researching the best ticket prices? Or will you send me to somewhere local? In that case, should I change my career? Maybe an inner-city teacher? Or would you send me to start a ministry? Wow I need to get started. Or….


Pause. Breathe, girlfriend. And place yourself in Simon Peter’s shoes. (They may be full of water and sand, and smell like fish, but I promise it’ll just be for a moment.” Jesus said,

“Come, follow me… and I will send you out..”

Jesus did not tell Simon Peter where he would go.

But, Jesus did tell Simon Peter to follow him. So, it looks like Simon Peter will go where Jesus does.

(I hope Simon Peter liked walking, and a lot of it.)


I think it’s kind of fun to not know where Jesus is going to send us. It’s risky. And thrilling. It’s dangerous.

And I think it’s kind of exciting to think that Jesus sent us here. Look around, at where you are now. Jesus sent you here. You got here by following Jesus, one step at a time. Step after step, grace carrying you, you have arrived just where your sweet Jesus needs you.

And so will it continue.


And the third thing Jesus said to Simon Peter and Andrew was what he would use them for.

And, he implicitly related their use to their passions.

“…to fish for people.”

Simon Peter and Andrew were fisherman. They must have grown to absolutely love the feeling of the boat gently rocking. Of the smell of the salty water. Of the sight of the vast, open waters. Of the way their arms felt strong as they hauled in the net full of fish.

I can imagine them calling it their “work.” And I can image them calling it a “passion.”

And the desperately hoped-for Messiah, God in the flesh, called to them and told them that he would use them to FISH for people.

Isn’t it wonderful that our Lord places passions inside of our heart, and then intentionally uses us to further the Kingdom in ways that relate to those passions?

“At once, they left their nets and followed him.” Matthew 4:20


So that’s what we do.

We hear Jesus calling us, and we follow Him.

He sends us, and we follow him step by step.


So friends, breathe. Look to Jesus, and take a step after Him.

Just as Simon Peter would have. But I hope that you are wearing cuter shoes. Or, maybe it’s better that we wear durable shoes. Ones with grip. Ones that tightly embrace. Ones that can go anywhere.

Because when we follow Jesus, he will send us. We don’t know where.. maybe it will be to Haiti or Uganda or LA or to a small town. he will send us to a different profession. Or different people, or different roles. Or maybe, He will send us out right where we are.

But ladies, rest in the thought that our Lord delights in our pleasures, so our passions will intersect with what He calls us to.

And sisters, rest in the thought that all we must do is look to Jesus and take a step after him. That is where he calls us: to go where he leads.

Let him lead.


SEND ME. USE ME. It’s a dangerous prayer. It’s risky. It could cost you a lot.. even your life. So count up the cost, and decide.

Get on your knees and pray with a pure heart, a fully surrendered heart.
And then get on your feet and take a step.


With much, much love. And a little bravery.  -Melissa

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