Obedient to the point of rest.


I went to the gym a few nights ago. That’s a rare occasion for me.

I really don’t like working out. I don’t like getting sweaty and red and out of breath. But that one night, I was feeling extremely frustrated, so I went and ran until I felt better.

And, surprise, I went back again.

I got back home, and I felt physically exhausted.

My thighs were shaking, my arms were limp, and I longed to just lay down.

I longed for rest.


And then it hit me.

This physical longing for rest is a glimpse of my spiritual longing for rest.


I know that my sweet Jesus is calling me into a season of rest. Or trying to.

But I mean, there’s so much to be done.

The Lord has put this extreme passion in my heart for everything I do. When I do something, I go all out. Or in a catchy phrase, “I go hard.” My projects and events and hobbies literally consume my thoughts, my time, and my energy.

So when I feel my sweet Jesus calling me to rest, I immediately get filled with:

But, there’s so much to do.

But, there’s so much I want to do.

What about my coffee shop business plan? What about my church-planting research? What about the event coordinating? What about writing? What about all of things I want to do?

And then I start to convince myself, “Well, The Lord wants us to be active and always be working for Him and doing things to further the Kingdom.”

And then, I stop myself.

Because God calls us to rest.

Because God loves us enough to call us to rest.

I remember that God doesn’t need my work. The “Kingdom coming” does not lie in my ability to get stuff done. Even my best efforts are filthy rags in front of Him. Yes, I think that when we work for The Lord that He is incredibly pleased and that it brings Him glory. But yes, I also think we (or at least I) get ahead of ourselves in that work and wear ourselves out.

God doesn’t need me to work for Him. If He calls me to rest, I need to rest.


I don’t want to “go” unless God tells me to “go.” I don’t want to “do” unless God tells me to “do.” Because even Jesus didn’t act unless The Father told Him to. Being completely surrendered to God, as much as it includes going when He says “Go”, includes resting when He says, “Rest.”

I think our sweet Father wants to grow us closer to Him in this time. I think our sweet Father wants to reveal more about Himself to us in this time, and to pull us a little closer to His heart.

And I want that. So, rest it is.


It’s a beautiful thing that our good, good Lord cares about the condition of our hearts.

It’s a beautiful thing that our King calls us to rest.

It’s a beautiful thing that our sweet Jesus wants our heart rather than our sweat.


Have you heard that phrase, “to be obedient to the point of death..”?

Friends, we need to be obedient to the point of rest.

It’s a really, really hard thing to do. I get it. Because this culture is “go, go, go.” Because we are girls and like to be on top of everything.

But our sweet Jesus already has it covered. He loves you, for you. Rest in that.

Find rest, my soul, in God alone. Psalm 62:5

With much, much love. -Melissa

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