Jesus said, “Go.” But it’s hard.

This is a hard one to write.
There are tears in my eyes, and a deep, sharp pain in my heart.
I have a raw, desperate cry for Jesus’ comfort.
Because He said go, but I don’t want to.
Because He said go, but it’s really hard.
Because He said go, but it hurts.

But He said “Go.”   So I say, “Yes.”

I call Jesus Christ, “Lord.”
So when He says, “go” you better believe I will go

I want to be like Jonah. I want to run the other direction. 

I want to be back with my sweet family. I want my authentic community. And I want to be in my hometown. I want familiarity; I want comfort.
But I know that my sweet, sweet Jesus loves me greatly.
And I know that love requires that He stretch my deeply.

Jesus is more concerned about my character than my comfort.
Jesus wants me to be like Him. He wants me to rely completely on Him. He wants me to grow closer to Him.
So if this is what it takes, then Yes.

I will say yes.

I don’t want to, but yes.
It’s really, really hard, but yes.
It hurts, but yes.

And suddenly, Jesus’ presence overwhelms my heart. Suddenly, He makes me brave. Suddenly, He strengthens my heart. And gives me peace.
Because The Lord loves His children.

Friends, if we call Jesus Christ, “Lord,” then we have the privilege of obedience.
Friends, if we pray, “Let Your kingdom come,” then we claim radical abandonment to ours.
Dear brothers and sisters, if we love Jesus, then we say, “yes.”

Whatever your heart is begging you to go “Jonah-style” and run the other direction from, I want to lovingly remind you that: Jesus Christ is Lord. And that Jesus Christ loves you. SO, go. or do. or stay. or wait. Whatever He is calling you to, say yes.

He will be there,walking the exact path with you. And when you can’t walk, He will carry you. You can trust Him, for He is good. You can trust Him, for He loves us.

Sweetly broken and wholly surrendered.

With much, much love. -Melissa

21 replies to “Jesus said, “Go.” But it’s hard.

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I just came across your beautiful blog and seeing your heart for God is amazing. I just have to start by saying that our sweet Jesus works in awesome crazy ways. This entry you wrote about running and being like Jonah is exactly what I talked about on Sunday at my church. I am currently doing missions in the Dominican Republic and I have been a lot like Jonah
    After reading this I am in awe of how God works because this is my story, what I have been relating my journey too, exactly what I spoke on.
    I can say that it is a beautiful but scary journey when you let go and trust God. It’s worth every single minute. God is so good!
    Much love,


    1. Kaitlyn,
      Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s crazy but so rad how God works in our lives in different but the same ways! He bonds us together and gives us encouragement in trials through the ability to relate to others. That is so amazing that you are doing missions in the Dominican Republic! Totally praying for you. Love your phrase, “beautiful but scary journey.” So true! But trusting God through it all blankets us in peace and courage.
      Much love to you, my dear sister in Christ!

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  2. This blessed me so much. Being away at school SO far from where I want to be, where I have a community, where I feel loved, has me feeling a lot like Jonah. I am reminded that no matter how far we run, He will always find us. It is so comforting to find someone who feels the same way, but is saying yes. You give me courage to also say yes and see what Jesus can do with a willing heart. thank you!!


    1. Cameron,
      I completely understand the feeling of missing home, and friends, and community, and just a normal routine. He will do amazing things with a heart that says, “yes” though. These song lyrics helped me yesterday: “There’s nothing I hold onto… I lean not on my own understanding, for my life is in the hands of the Maker of Heaven” Keep clinging to Jesus! Much love to you, my friend!


  3. WOW! This is was so brilliant; thank you SO much for sharing your heart! I’m in this exact place right now, doing ministry 2500 miles from my hometown & all family, and I’ve been walking in Jonah’s footsteps lately! Thank you for speaking the Truth!


    1. Samantha,
      Wow! 2500 miles away is such a far ways.. but I’m positive that God is SO pleased with you saying, “yes” to Him and going! He is so proud of you! Praying He would bless you and surround you with His love and encouragement. Much love to you, my friend!

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  4. What a timely, solid, to-the-deep-places-of-my-heart message from God your words are to me at this moment. I “just so happened” to see this post from a friend serving in East Asia and knew instantly by the title that this was a word from my Father. Our family’s circumstance is a little different in that we heard Him say ‘go’ and we did … to India. We experience TONS of the same emotions you described, but we were confident in ‘but Jesus.’

    And then He said, ‘return home.’ The same obedience that took us there was now bringing us home. Still learning the ‘why’ part of things, but the reality is we may never know until we’re in Glory with Him. And that’s okay. It has to be. But Jesus.

    Thanks again for sharing something that resonates so richly and deeply.

    Steve (and Joanna)


    1. Steve and Joanna,
      Wow! What a great message! I really, really appreciate you sharing this. It is so encouraging to see your faith in the Father from going abroad to going home! He is so well pleased with you guys. Seriously. Praying that He would richly bless you in grace, peace, and joy. Much love to you guys!


  5. I am going through some things these past few weeks and your blogs are speaking to my life as if I wrote them… every word was meant especially for me…. Thanks so much for sharing your words and thoughts and letting God lead you…. much love and God Bless!


    1. Kim,
      Thank you for your sweet words. I completely understand where you are coming from & how the Lord is leading you! Praying that He would surround you with the peace that surpasses all understanding and lavishes you in His comfort each day. Much love to you, my friend!!


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