Dangerous Prayers. 1

Warning: pray with extreme caution. Answers to prayers may be closer than it appears.

Ha ha.

But seriously, I think God really, really delights in answering our prayers. And that’s what makes them dangerous. Because God will, in fact, give us our hearts’ desires.

And it may be in ways we never expected.

In this Dangerous Prayers Series, let’s chat about some of these dangerous prayers.

I hope you’re a risk-taker. I hope you like livin’ on the edge. I hope you like a little thrill.


Make me more like Jesus.

Make me more like Jesus.

Well, He will. He says it in John 15, and very bluntly at that.

“…he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”


Defined as, “To cut undesired twigs, branches, or roots from.”

He will prune you, or cut off undesired things, from you so that you will be perfect, like Jesus.

It sounds kind of painful.

I don’t want anything cut off of me, especially in a spiritual sense. I am comfortable with my overgrown peonies, even if there are a few weeds. I mean, it gives character, right?

(And yes, my spiritual flower reference is, of course, a peony.)

Well, Jesus has something different in mind. I really do believe that He is okay with the peonies, but He doesn’t want any weeds. Why? Because those weeds will spread. And choke out the new fruit. And that just won’t do. Because in literal terms, those weeds will grow and block out the “Jesus” trying to shine through me.

Pruning is a rather good thing, in Christian terms. I mean, at the foundation of our Jesus-loving hearts, we should desire to be more like Him. And I guess the term proves true, “No pain, no gain.” With a little pain in the prune, we will begin to look more like Jesus. And maybe smell more like him too, or at least more like a peony.

Don’t be surprised when you pray this if you start going through some rather painful and uncomfortable and confusing seasons. Because pruning is painful. And uncomfortable. And possibly, confusing.

I prayed this. I prayed this a lot. And still do. And let me tell you, it was hard at first because I didn’t recognize that The Lord was answering my prayer… because He answered it in ways I didn’t expect. He taught me to seek Him with all of my heart through a season of loneliness. He taught me to find joy in Him alone through a season of sickness. He taught me to work for His Kingdom through a season of rest. He taught me how to love like Him through a season of learning to serve others first.

SO don’t be surprised when certain people leave your life, or come into your life. Don’t be surprised when circumstances change. When jobs change, ministries change, when relationships change, when plans change. Or when everything stays exactly the same when you want it to change. Don’t be surprised when the Lord calls you to drop nets. When He calls you to go. When He calls you to do something out of your comfort zone. Don’t be surprised when you have feelings never before felt and you are left feeling rather bare, or confused, or just different.

BUT, don’t be surprised when those seasons end, (which yes, they will) and you are closer to the heart of Jesus. And when you can feel Jesus shining more brightly through you. And when you can see the fruit that God is bearing through you. BECAUSE that’s what pruning does! It may be uncomfortable, but we become more like JESUS! We become closer the FATHER’S HEART!

Jesus, prune us! Make us uncomfortable so we may be like You!

So friends, pray it! Pray, with a pure and honest heart, to be more like Jesus. Because God will answer that prayer. He will make you like a little cookie-cutter version of His beloved Son. The grace, the love, the wisdom, the light… just ask.

If we love Jesus, we want to be more like Him.

If we ask with a pure heart, He will make us more like Him.

Our beautiful peony bush will no longer have weeds. Only beautiful, beautiful flowers. And good fruit. 😉


It’s a dangerous prayer. Because The Lord will answer it.

With much, much love. –Melissa



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