Christ’s Bride

Above everything this world has attributed to the marriage culture, the heart of marriage has been so hidden.

We are Christ’s bride.
Simply, plainly, truthfully, beautifully, we are Christ’s bride.

The Father gave us to Christ. Kind of like a Father hands over his daughter to her groom.
Jesus Christ promises to protect us. Like a husband does a wife.
Jesus Christ promises to provide for us. Like a husband does a wife.
Jesus Christ says he will never leave us. Like a husband tells a wife.
Jesus Christ calls us beloved.

My sweet Jesus, hanging on the cross, is as a ring of solid gold. A promise.
My sweet Jesus physically showed us that He is devoted to us.
As a husband shows through a ring his devotion to his bride.

The Father prepares the kingdom for the procession. His kingdom is coming together for the day.
As our family prepares for the wedding day.
The trumpets will sound.
The angels applaud.

As He washes away our crimson stains, we are being dressed in white.
The purest of whites.
As the bride is clothed in white for the ceremony.

The Father’s covenants with us are as vows. Vows of faithfulness.
The Father vows to always be with us. To never forsake us.
Like a husband vows a wife.

The veil will be lifted. And we will see him face to face.
As the bride’s veil is lifted, as she sees her groom.
And we will be as one.
With our sweet, sweet Jesus.

A marriage between a man and a wife show a glimpse of Christ and His church.
The relentless pursuit.
The devotion.
The unconditional love.
That’s what marriage is about. It’s about Jesus.
It’s about showing the world Jesus’ devotion to us, His church.
Nothing more, nothing less.

He calls us beloved.
He is our love. Our life. Our devotion.
Jesus Christ.

2 replies to “Christ’s Bride

  1. Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing ever!! As girls, we want to be loved and accepted and feel fulfilled by our significant other – we want a soulmate, someone who literally completes us and that Someone is Jesus! He satisfies our deepest desires of love and acceptance, He is the lover of our souls and we won’t be happy with a spouse unless we realize that Jesus is the best One of them all – once we realize that everything that we could ever want or need, is found in Him! Thank you so much for writing this – Jesus will always be my first and only Love for all eternity!


    1. Ashley, AMEN AMEN AMEN to every single thing you just said. Seriously. SO spot on. He is the lover of our souls and all fulfillment and satisfaction is in Him… the deepest, eternal love! Thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging words. Much love to you, my sister!

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